Car 54, Where Are You?

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Ever wonder how Ferdia and Squeaks got partnered together? What a day in their lives is like? I sure as heck hope so, because that's what this fic is about.

Okay, this fic deserves an explanation. First off, let me clarify that this fic is set a good year or so before any of the others - Ferdie's still in high school, Iiwi and Ivan are nowhere to be found, and the Bob Kiwi Detective Agency is nothing more than a feverishly exciting idea. (Ever wonder what Bob was calling about?) I'm NOT going to make this into a comic, but I might do pics of a scene or two (like that punk mouse...).

Now, you can be like Bob and complain about the kiwi deficiency in this fic, or you can just read it. It's finished, which is more than I can say for some of the other fics I'm working on. Plus, it's kind of interesting. Regardless, it's here, in all its glorious HTML splendor. Feel free to email me with comments/suggetsions/questions/flames/etc.