The Good, the Bad, and the Chibi

“A child of five could understand this. Fetch me a child of five.”
- Groucho Marx

        One fine day, the Great and Powerful Jennies, Purveyor of Knowledge, Keeper of Comedy, and General All-Purpose Kiwi Creation Goddess, decided in Her Greatness and Knowledge that she was really and truly *bored*. Moreover, such was not the boredom of mortal men, but the Great and All-Encompassing, Mind-Numbing Boredom of the Gods, which is as to mortal boredom as a five-alarm fire is to a friction burn. In the past, when Great Beings have suffered from this brain-boggling lack of amusement, they have created amazing and bizarre forms of entertainment. Gunpowder, Velcro, Duct Tape, Potato Guns, Roller Coasters, JATO units, and the I-695 Beltway are some of the more recent results of these attempts.

        Fortunately for all involved, all Jennies did was decide to play with her beloved Kiwis.

        And thus did it come to pass that a quite large and incredibly complex gizmo named George came to be in Newt's laboratory.

Onwards and Sideways!