Kiwis in Space

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Ahahahahahaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!! It's finished!!!!! It's finally finished!!! Muahahahaaaaaaaa!!!!!! This thing racks up 118 pages in Word - 78 pages longer than I had originally intended! But it's finished, so work on more Kiwi fics can resume (oh goodie...).

Anyway, Teaser: The empress of espionage, Galaxia Kiwi (yes, the girl in the picture) has stolen a valuable doohicky from Spacefleet and is trying to get it to her employers. When she stops & hires a few pirates for a diversion, her pursuers (the galactic equivalent of border patrol) stumble across someone they'd thought long dead....

Yeah, that's where I'm gonna leave you hangin'. Just read it, okay?. It won't kill you. It's an almalgam of a parody and a cross-over, (Weird, you say? Hey, buddy, if you wanted normal, you wouldn't be HERE, would you?) and it's packed with Star Trek, Star Wars, and a buncha other sci-fi elements and/or references (Oh no Odo!) - but not so much that a non-sci-fi person couldn't enjoy it. It's *long*, but it's fun. So let the games begin....

Feel free to email us comments/questions/flames/etc. Help with character traits (especially ST:DS9) is not only welcome, it is begged for.