Of Mice and Meetings

Of Mice and Meetings
Of Mice and Meetings II: Back on Tangent...err, Target...
Of Mice and Meetings III: Um, Where Were We Again?
Of Mice and Meetings IV: Ask Me No More Questions...

An archive of Bob Kiwi & Co's meeting minutes. Take a look at what's going on behind the scenes, hear rants about policies, and get an idea of how the characters really get along. Come view our creative processesses...if you dare...

Despite the lack of any coherent plotline and the return of screenplay format - which is pitifully explained off as minute format - these short bits of fluff are still a lot of fun, and they help me update readers at large on just what exactly Bob Kiwi & Co. and I are plotting. They also give you a bit of insight into how things get done (or don't get done) here at headquarters. (Moreover, they're great in a pinch when I need to stave off hordes of why-haven't-you-updated lunatics.) They're all relatively short (2-3 pages), so how painful can they be? (Famous last words.)

So, read on, enjoy, send us comments/suggetsions/questions/flames/etc.


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