Ferdie da Birdie Presents: Bob Kiwi, Private Eye

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Bob Kiwi: Private Eye Complete Script (text version)
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Mwahahahahaha!!!!! I've finished the script!!! Ahahahahahaaa!!!!!.....um, anyway.....I've finally posted the HTML version of the complete script. I have changed some parts in it from the text version, so just read the HTML one, okay? I'll post the text when I've updated it.

Comic Situation: Now, before I'm pounded into the ground for taking so long, let me say that 1) I've got quite a bit more scenes drawn, I just lost the scans and 2) work on actually drawing the entire comic has ceased. It's just too much work right now. I'll post some of the better sketches of later scenes, but I seriously doubt I'll finish this. How 'bout I just fix the HTML versions of the fic?

Right now the script's still in "screenplay" format. Meaning it has position/action cues and, well....let's just keep it at it reads more like a play than, say, a short story. Eventually, I'll fix that, but right now I'm keeping it in the format it's in.

So, read on, enjoy, and feel free to send us comments/questions/flames/etc.