Kiwis in Space II: The Search For Cuteness

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Behold! The newly-finished, completely revamped, and still shorter than the original, sequel to Kiwis in Space!!!! (I think Hell might just be experiencing severe blizzards now. Which would, I suppose, account for the unseasonably warm weather along the U.S. eastern seaboard...) The Search for Cuteness is set around seven months after Kiwis In Space, and several weeks after Open Season.

Teaser: A new gizmo of Newt's alerts an alien race in need to Beak's presence. Quick to help, our heros soon find themselves at the mercy of the Java Empire! Bob's captured, Beak's missing, Iiwi's in trouble, and Ferdie's got a plan. Help's a universe away, and Drake's just surfaced San Viano. Will the forces of Good prevail, or be crushed like so many coffee beans? Tune in, find out.

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