I pity da Fool who don't play the Comic Challenge!

The Comic Challenge

The Challenger
The Second Challenger

Welcome to the Comic Challenge! Here I will post a series of short comics - with no dialogue! (Wait, come back!!!) Yes, the dialogue for these comics is missing, and it's up to you, dear fans, to see who can come up with the most amusing, far-fetched, or downright scary filler tracks for the silent scenes, and send them to me. Once I've received enough submissions, I'll post the comic with it's original dialogue - as well as the very best of the fansubs!

Okay, this requires a moment's explanation...

One day, while pondering webcomics and storylines and new and/or interactive things this page could feature to make it more interesting, the creativity demon that is usually responsible for setting Jennies up for a fall suggested we do a Mad Libs-type string of comic shorts. (For those of you that did not grow up in the eighties, Mad Libs are, in effect, short paragraph stories with names/places/key verbs/amusing adverbs/adjectives left blank. Without reading the short, you fill in the shopping list of grammar items for that paragraph, then insert them into the story and laugh hysterically - or run away screaming, but anyways...) Needless to say, this creativity demon is currently locked away in a closet somewhere. Though I can still hear him scratching ideas on the walls...

Anyways. While the Comic Challenge is not quite Mad Libs, it is - at least right now - somewhat like watching a movie on mute and filling in the dialogue. Those of you out there who have watched U.S. Nippon at 2am and acted out "The Attack of the Mutant Butterflies" over a samurai flick probably have a good idea of what I mean. The rest of you should probably try it one night when you've got a group of friends around with nothing better to do.

So, read on, enjoy, send us your dialogue suggestions.


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