Bob Kiwi and Company: At the MacWorld Expo


The Crew at Mac Expo
The 'Real' Pirates of Silicon Valley upon entering the main exhibit room.
Bob in Mac gear
Bob with an iBook
Decaf: the UN-coffee Our theme for the '99 Expo
Light BG Button / Light BG Bullet / Dark BG Button / Dark BG Bullet
Munched With a Mac - Bob munching on the Apple Logo.
Mac Expo 2000 The 2000 Expo, in review.

Hello, hello, hello! As you may or may not know, Bob Kiwi and his caretaker are avid Mac fans. So much so that we get tickets to go to the annual MacWorld Expos in New York. They're held at the Javitz Center in Manhatten, and they're a lot of fun. Bob gets to see Steve Jobs in person, presenting all sorts of Mac goodies and whatnot and generally making the crowd go bonkers every five minutes as some new cool thingie is revealed.

Anyway, for the benefit of everyone that was unable to attend, here's the past few Expos in review:

1999 The iBook and the Airport are introduced to the public for the first time, Bungie previews some games, and the line to get in to Steve Jobs' keynote presentation is somewhere in the neighborhood of 3-5 city blocks long.

2000 The new iMac colors are introduced, along with the G4 Cube and the dual-processor G4 Powermacs (which publicly whup the 1GHz Pentium 3 at an in-house demo). iMovie II and Mac OS X shown off/demo-ed, Bungie announces continiued Mac game support, MS Office 2001 demo-ed, etc. Everyone seated gets a free optical mouse, and most of the audience stumbles out of the auditorium in a state of wonderous ecstasy.

Those of you that have acually bothered visiting The Jennies Art Gallery will hopefully recognize Sal. For those of you that don't, a brief backgroud: Sal is a kit fox, and she's the captain of a band of sky pirates. She's also a stand-in avatar I use on occassion, and she just kinda fit in here better than my others. Just felt I should explain her presence to Bob Kiwi fans, 'cause you're not gonna find her in the character bios here.
Mmm...Tangerine iBook.  Tasty!

So enjoy. As always, comments/suggestions/flames are welcome.


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