Name:        Tiffany Sciuridae
Nickname: Rascal
Species: Chipmunk
Age when first met Bob Kiwi: 12
Age in Present: 18?
Height: 62”
Place of Birth: Oxford, England
Father: Dr. Nigel Sciuridae, PhD
Mother: Miriam (Bricconata) Sciuridae
Likes: Scuba diving, Flying, Writing, Mexican food
Dislikes: Spinach, Porridge, Sewers
Known Fears: Slight pyrophobia
Occupation: University student, currently majoring in journalism and psychology
Distinguishing Character Traits: Courageous, Over-indulged curiosity, Strong desire for finding the truth, Sisterly affection for Bob

        Tiffany, or Rascal, as she prefers to be called, was born in Oxford, her father's hometown. Her parents had met at the University; Nigel a physics major and Miriam studying archeology. When she was only about a year old, her family moved to Stanford, Connecticut, her mother's native birthplace. Her father taught physics at the University and her mother became a curator for the local athenaeum. After only having been there six months, her mother passed away due to complications with pneumonia. She and her father remained in the area and he continued teaching. When Rascal was ten, her father was offered a distinguished position at the Oxford University, and they returned to England.

        Rascal and her father were close; he was the one who started calling her by her nickname. It was a severe blow when he was involved in a fatal car crash. The circumstances of the incident have always been of question to Rascal, and she has spent a great deal of time investigating it, especially once she learned he was not quite the mild-mannered lab geek she had always affectionately thought of him as.

        Upon her father's death, no close relative could be found who could provide for her and she was put into a local orphanage. It was during her time there that she met the illustrious Danger Kiwi, International Kiwi of Mystery, our lovable hero Bob. After their initial meeting, Bob decided to adopt Rascal as his ward, for her own protection from his arch nemesis. While she does not share Bob's notion that Sir Ivan Kiwi is the root of all evils in the world, she has spent enough time in both their company to know that the Ivan does have his ties to the criminal underworld. Bob attempted to discourage her involvement in his adventures, but Rascal usually tagged along anyway, learning the trade of being a spy.

        She is currently studying at the Oxford University, where Bob made her take mainstream courses; she does harbor the idea of picking up where Danger Kiwi left off. She can usually be recognized by her bright red hair, and the fact that she carries a notebook with her wherever she goes.