Bob Kiwi & Company Quizzes:

Instructions: This quiz gauges your answers against those of some of the series' most nototorious villains. To find out which of these rogues you most resemble, select the answers that most reflect your own feelings, then click the "Evaluate" button. Your results will be displayed in a popup window.

Red - the color of power and my enemies' spilled blood
Black - darkness, danger, and intrigue
Silver, Gold, & Gemtones - because all that glitters...
Bright Primaries - bold and uninhibited
Monochromatic - from a distinguished white to greys as shady as needs be

Heh. - Snort of Derision
*heh heh heh* - Devious Snicker
Hah! - Sarcastic Bark
Muahahahahahaha! - Classic Maniacal Chortle
Eeeheeheeheeheeee! - Giggle of Insane Glee

Preferred Lair:
Plush Corner Office with a View.
Network Server Room, or something comparable, with lots of electricity and computers.
Abandoned Warehouse. Preferrably in the Middle of Nowhere.
Fixed locations are easy targets. A gunship is secure *and* mobile!
Eh, Wherever. I'm never there long anyways.

I collect art and other items of value.
I enjoy listening to music. Sometimes I sing along.
Sitting in silence, quietly pondering my next move.
This *is* my hobby. But I also like hanging out.
Does taunting my enemies count?

Weapon of Choice:
Whatever's handy
Boiling acid. Though crocodiles are also nice...
Oh, knives, guns, laser rifles, grenades....I keep a varied arsenal.
Psychological Warfare *grin*

Your nemesis is at your mercy. You:
Shoot him. Repeatedly.
Throw him to the crocodiles!
Use him to practice your new fighting move on.
Ooooh, the possibilities. What am I in the mood for today?...
Grin evilly. You've waited for this moment a long time; might as well savor it. Besides, anticipation is half the fun.

Dinner is:
A civilized affair, prepared by chefs and served at a table.
Fast food, take-out, delivery, or TV - and always eat & run!
Energy shake! Energy shake!
Sustenance, and nothing more.
Food is for the weak.

The Hero has infiltrated your lair, intent on foiling your plans. But first, he must:
Get past my army of minions.
Withstand high-voltage electro-shock therapy!!
Face the wrath of my lightning-fast Space Ninja! Woo-pah!
Traverse a pit of boiling acid via a rotting rope bridge whilst battling rabid hyenas and dodging poison-tipped darts and a swarm of radioactive killer bees. With lasers on their heads.
All of the above.

A new baddie starts to move in on your turf. You:
Squash them like a bug.
Lob a cruise missile at their hotel room.
Rob 'em blind and leave 'em naked in the desert.
Offer your services while using them to divert the authorities' attentions.
Ctrl + Alt + Delete them!

Your lover asks for the world on a silver platter. You:
Ditch them, and find someone far less high maintenance.
Send them an exquisite silver platter and an I.O.U.
Steal something suitably priceless instead, and point out that silver tarnishes, and where would they *put* the world, anyway?
Were planning on presenting them with the still-beating heart of their most hated foe. But the world can be arranged as well...
Invade Peru. It's a start!

Your Trusted Leuitenant attempted to betray you. How do you react?
Break out the turnips and sandpaper.
Break his fingers, shatter his kneecaps, baste him in honey, and bury him in the shade of a fire-ant hill in the desert.
Discredit all his acheivements, destroy his possessions, relationships, and reputations, and do *everything possible* to keep him alive.
Act as if nothing happened. Then, once his paranoia subsides, manuever him into a trap, and leave him at the mercy of his greatest fear.
Seal the escape routes and crank up the Karaoke machine.

Someone's cell phone rings in the midst of a movie. You:
Bean them upside the head with your ice-cold drink.
Make a note of their location. Your lab needs a new guinea pig, after all.
Take the phone, crush it, then hand it back with your most maliciously evil smile.
Have them escorted from the theater, where they mysteriously walk into a wall several times.
Tap their signal, wirelessly download their personal data, then spend the Gross National Product of Japan on various necessities like tanks, aircraft carriers, and military satellites, payment C.O.D. Put up their house as collateral.

Are you willing to die for your cause?
Are you *INSANE*?!? Of course not!!
No. But I'm willing to let others do so for me.
Don't be silly. Death is for peons. I'm too smart for that.
Better to die defiant than live in chains.
Why not? I'm backed up on disk...

What would you do if the only way to achieve your Ultimate Goal was to cause, directly or otherwise, the demise of the one you hold most dear?
There is *always* another way.
Wait. I've already stated I'm against suicide.
Depends. Would it be quick, painless, and something they never saw coming?
Death is part of life. The heart forgets, and moves on.
Could I bring them back later?

Evil Villains Anonymous is having its annual Overlord of the Year contest. Who's got your vote?
Matrix's Mr. Smith, 'cuz barring a BIOS-level format, he's just unstoppable!
Sinbad's Discord. Finally, a villainess with brains, a sense of humor, and absolutely *no* delusions of fair play.
Lord of the Rings' Sauron, for the will to bring the world to its proper place - on its knees - by any and all means available!
Masters of the Universe's Skeletor - evil, sarcastic, and resourceful enough to remain a thorn in the heroes' sides despite the odds.
Pirates of the Caribbean's Captain Barbosa - a wickedly capable scoundrel that, apart from an initial act of mutiny, generally kept his carefully-termed word.