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You're D'Gal!

Commander Charles D'Gal - Mercenary - Cunning, Resourceful, Tenacious
You're a villainous Jack-of-All-Trades, willing to work for just about anyone if it funds your ambitions and your own private war. Bodyguard, assassin, hired gun, spy - you'll even steal, if the price is right. Treachery means nothing to you unless it deals with your homeland, and you readily turn on or abandon an employer when the take is better elsewhere. You're fine on your own, but seldom turn down the chance to have others do your bidding or take the fall; your enemies are granted no quarter, falling in droves or singular agony from a vicious, unannounced attack. Still, mercy and honor are not completely alien concepts to you - you will not leave a fallen comrade to die on the field, and have been known to spare lives and bypass opportunities and attacks for reasons known only to you.

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