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You're Ivan!

The Evil Sir Ivan Kiwi - San Viano Crime Boss - Cunning, Deliberate, Opportunistic
Clean-cut, courteous, and impeccably organized, you're the spitting image of a cut-throat business tycoon. To the casual observer, you come across as an honest businessman - but, let's face it - if you wanted honest, you'd head a Fortune 500 company. Instead, your "business" is a a far more profitable criminal organization; a Mafia in everything but name. Your minions fear you; your enemies respect you. After all, you squelched your competition long ago, and newcomers soon find it's far easier to join your ranks than fight them. You're a master at knowing and controlling your market, dabble in anything as long as there's a profit in it, and work with the law when it's to your benefit. You dislike travel, as it takes you away from your power base, but are resourceful enough to make do when the situation calls for it, as a life lived in the shadows has taught you how to think quickly on your feet and improvise a way out of just about any fix you might find yourself in. Be mindful of meddling heroes that declare you their nemesis - they tend to pop up at the most inopportune times.

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