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You're Periwinkle!

Dr. Periwinkle - Evil Genius - Unpredictable, Ruthless, Insane
You put the "mad" in "mad scientist". Really. There's unstable, and then there's you. Your once-brilliant mind has become twisted and evil, and the lives of others mean nothing to you. After all, who cares about so much sheep with the miracle of discovery ever looming just around the next experiment? Your research is expensive; your fundraisers, ruthless; and your results cruel to the citizenry. You've buried them under mudslides of souring cream cheese, plagued them with rains of rubberized slugs, and tainted their water supply with tiny phosphorescent plankton. Yes, indeed, the day your mad ravings turn to carnivores and explosives (or perhaps sewer alligators with lasers on their heads), the world will cower at your feet. Or lock you in a padded cell.

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