Bob Kiwi's Photo Album: Page 10

Presenting.....NEWT!!!!!  How ya doin' XYZPQD?  He'd kill me for blowing his cover, but Newt's a kiwi of many faces....not to mention one smart enough to send out other agents while he stays at headquarters and runs things.
Bob and Beak on Christmas Day. The kiwis ran to the tree to see if Santa came. He did. And he must've really liked the treat the kiwis left him, because he brought them lots of presents.
Beak explains his Secret Santa Strategy: don't leave Santa cookies. Leave him a BaNAna. It's even better than leaving him cheese. (If you can't read their note to Santa, it says: "Dear Santa, Here is a banana. From Bob Kiwi & Beak.")
To most, she is known as Tweets, the Vicious Malicious Attack Parakeet of Doom. But to da kiwis, she's the Eeeevil Yonkamanism.

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