Bob Kiwi's Photo Album: Page 14

New Year's 2000. Drone 15467, Bob, and Bobetta party atop a Macintosh in the background while Beak and Cutie polish off the last of the wine. (If anyone wishes to criticize Beak for his crush on an alien seahorse, feel free to do so, but I will not be held responsible for the gross bodily harm you will incur in doing so.)
Bob and Beak show off their fancy red blinking lights in the hotel at MacWorld 2000. For reference, Bob has now sworn off clip-ons of any type (they make his wing go numb), and Beak has lost his fancy doggy chain. He does have plenty of standard-issue ones, however.
Bob and Beak stake out the biggest sand castle on the beach. Complete with numerous outer walls, towers, and winding staircases, it was a grand fortress, right up until the tide came in and obliterated it. (If you look carefully, you can just make out Beak's magenta-and-blue life preserver. His experiences with riptides last year taught him something.)
Beak reclines in a glass, exhausted after a long day at the beach. Chasing those seagulls takes a lot out a kiwi, after all.

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