Bob Kiwi's Photo Album: Page 15

The Joy of Pepsi. (Bah.) If you ask me, Beak spiked it with something.

Gasp! While vacationing at the beach, Bob Kiwi was snatched up from his lounge chair by the nefarious Scommies, who retreated to the water's edge and threatened to toss our hero into the churning waters even as Bob's bodyguard rushed to the kiwi's aid. In a classic showdown of Good vs. Evil, the bodyguard pleaded with the eeeeevil Scommies for our hero's release - only to have her hurl Bob out towards the surf! As our hero tumbled end-over-end through the air in seemingly-slow motion, his bodyguard leapt forward in a desperate bid to catch Bob. Kiwi, bodyguard, and riptide all hit the beach at the same instant, and for what seemed like an eternity we watched in suspense, wondering if the villain had succeeded where so many others have failed. But no! The bodyguard stood and triumphantly displayed our hero, soaked and sandy but nonetheless alive! Hooray! (Apologies for the size and darkness of this picture.)
The Great and Powerful Jennies!!!

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