Bob Kiwi's Photo Album: Page 19


Our heroes wave from their campsite during a recent excursion into the wilderness. Note the cooler packed full of such manly essentials as Coca-Cola and Ice Cream.

Having forgotten to bring their fishing gear along for the trip, the kiwis opted for a little rock-climbing. Beak got a little confused and climbed an old petrified tree instead, but was rewarded with a glimpse of the rare Maltese Falcon Glass Peregrine. These falcons are quite rare as, being made of glass, they have a tendency to shatter when stooping prey. Beak offered this falcon a taste of the baNAna stowed in his handy backpack, then went along his way. By which we mean, fell.

While searching for Beak amonst the debris scattered around the base of the petrified tree, Bob stumbled across a baby hedgehog. The tiny creature was quite startled - but not so much as Bob, who until that moment had always believed hedgehogs to be blue with red sneakers.

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