Bob Kiwi's Photo Album: Page 2

In a recent excursion into the throngs of nature (which for Bob happens to be the zoo), Bob was attacked by this vicious gorilla.  Luckily, a local fan threw himself at the gorilla and subdued him.  Bob, who had been cowering on a rock (oh, excuse me, Bob, who had been bravely standing up to the gorilla) denies reports that he took the gorilla's banana.
After watching Jurassic Park, Bob decided to hang out with his new friend, Rex.  Fortunately, one of Bob's bodyguards recovered from a spontaneous fit of laughter quickly enough to wedge Rex's mouth open with a metal bar.
Bob doing his impersonation of Prince Amir Gazebo.  The Prince's honor guards weren't too thrilled with this.  I can't tell you how much it cost to free him.  Fortunately, Bobetta is rich...
On a recent trip to the jungle, Bob was captured by pygmy cannibals, who threw him in a cage and began preparing to feast on him.  Luckily, Bob's safari party arrived just before dinner, and informed them of Bob's American citizenship.  Horrified at the thought of eating something with chemicals in it, they quickly threw Bob out and ate the native safari guide instead.

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