Bob Kiwi's Photo Album: Page 21


The Return of the Hooties? Bob and Beak miniatures, cleverly sculpted out of clay. Bob measures approximately 1" x 1" x 0.3"; Beak comes in at about 1.5" x 2" x 0.6". That makes them about the size of HeroClix/WarHammer miniatures, albeit a bit...sturdier. ^_^

The Bob and Beak minis, flyaround angles. Bob's hat came out a bit more battered that I would have liked, but I do like how Beak's doggie chains turned out. (Two strands, thinner than angel-hair pasta, fashioned into chain links, and painted metallic silver! Don't ask me where the attention span behind that level of detail came from!)

Beak wanted a Clone Army for Christmas this year - and he'd been such a good boss kiwi, of course we had to scour the realm for likely recruits. After an extensive search, around a dozen Hooties signed on. Here is a composite shot of Bob and Beak and those select members of the Clone Army that survived base camp made it to the photo shoot. (Oh, fine - the kiwis and their five most photogenic recruits. Really, I just couldn't fit the whole squad into the shot...)

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