Bob Kiwi's Photo Album: Page 23


After their trip to Italy, the kiwis decided their next vacation needed to be a bit more photogenically-friendly to those of the kiwi persuasion. They packed their bags, met up with their tour guide, and we were off... our taxi! I tell you, these high-class tour groups, they travel in style! Anyways, after several hours of fighting over radio stations, speed limits, and whether or not Beak was qualified to be navigator, we finally arrived... Disney World! Once inside the Magic Kingdom, the kiwis wasted no time in tracking down one of their favorite stars - Donald Duck!

Donald's fantastic, life-like bronze likeness inspired the kiwis, and they decided to try their hands at high-class Hollywood stardom. They found the chairs just a bit too big - but then again, they belonged to a pair of pretty big names! (Who were, fortunately, taking an oil break at the time...)

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