Bob Kiwi's Photo Album: Page 26


These days, it seems one can't hang around celebs without invariably being pulled in for a lineup. Here Beak poses next to a veritable rouge's gallery at the Animal Kingdom - and no, he wasn't confused by the officer's instructions to "face left"; he just didn't trust any of those shady-looking fellows next to him not to try and steal his newly-liberated BaNAnas while his back was turned!

Having escaped the lineup (seems it was really just a casting call), the kiwis enjoyed a tour of old stone ruins, complete with Aztec crocodile.

Then they moved on to the African safari portion of the park, where Beak met a curious baby giraffe. Beak was curious, too - what does one call a baby giraffe? (Answer: Well, this one's name was Niobe...)

After an extensive tour of the safari grounds, the kiwis swung by a nearby Rainforest Cafe for dinner - where Beak was very nearly the appetizer!

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