Bob Kiwi's Photo Album: Page 31


On quick kiwi-rescue later, Jennies decided mayhaps it was best if the kiwis took it easy for a while, and took them on a nice leisurely cruise on the "It's A Small World" ride. Despite their cries of protest (and accusations of being punished), her true objective was soon revealed - to get photographic proof of the ride's kiwis' existence. (Though if Disney is to believed, in New Zealand kiwis outnumber people 2:1, and there are no sheep. Jennies happens to know differently; in actuality, there are PLENTY of sheep.)

Then there was a pause to watch a quick costume parade. This guy got our vote, hands down.

Their Disney vacation drawing to a close, the kiwis stopped in at the gift shop and tried on some obligatory mouse-ear hats. They were a little big, but still adorable!

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