Bob Kiwi's Photo Album: Page 33


Following the Crime of the Century and an unusually chilly spring, the kiwis decided it was high time they took a vacation in the sunny, sandy clime of Egypt. So they booked passage with Jennies and got themselves a handy local guide, who for the sake of not repeating certain international incidents regarding British english teachers will be named Moe. Moe was, much to Beak's delight, quite the knowledgable BaNAna.

Our first stop along the tour was the famous Collapsed Pyramid. Perhaps Beak would've looked a tad less concerned in this photo had he known we already knew it was like that when we got there?

Next we took a camel-ride over to the Pyramids of Giza. Beak enjoyed the view from close-up...

...and was able to coax Bob to join the photo of the Great Pyramid from a bit farther away. (Though we remain convinced Bob was actually just searching for a nearby Starducks.)

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