Bob Kiwi's Photo Album: Page 37


Seems the Empire's latest expansion efforts have expanded to the distant lands of the Bobble-heads. The recruiter spent a good fifteen minutes praising how well the standard Storm Trooper armor had been tailored to each race's specific needs, before acknowledging that perhaps Beak was a tad shy of their height requirements.

Unperturbed by the Storm Trooper's news, Beak wandered over to dance with Jumpi the Emote. Turns out Jumpi's a great dancer, but easily spooked and just a tad paranoid. Truth be told, he reminded Beak of someone...

...just like these guys! Yes, indeed, Beak just couldn't shake the feeling there was something about them that seemed downright familiar. Right down to their insistence he hold still for a quick PKE reading...

All in all, Comic Con was fun. But not as fun as dressing up in sparkly green hats for St. Patrick's day. :)

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