Beak Kiwi                  Name: Beak Kiwi
Known Aliases: Mr. K
Species: Tokoekan Kiwi (alien species)
Age: 25
Height: 71” (Approx. 1.95 meters)
BaNAnas, Doggie Chains, Snoozing
Dislikes: Blasphemers of the Great BaNAna, the Java Empire, Coffee
Known Fears: Tunnels and crossing through them
Occupation: Mild-mannered Soda Jerk.
Distinguishing Character Traits: Tough, Naïve, Inquisitive, somewhat dense

        Beak is a Magi, an individual with great mental powers. Not intelligence, mind you – mental powers. He possesses the ability to move objects with his mind, and insert suggestions and psionic 'experiences' into the minds of others – a form of Mind Control, in a sense. He is also a powerful MindSpeaker – he can telepathically speak directly to – but not read from – the minds of others, and either converse with his target or glean basic sensory/emotional data from it. His powers allow him to locate and communicate with others over great distances, as well as the limited ability to predict future events and to learn by 'copying' experiences from others' minds. Beak is also a trained fighter, and carries a lightsaber, the weapon of choice among Magi.

        Beak spent most of his life on the planet Tokoeka, a lush, forest-covered world populated by his species. Tokoekans are a very technologically-advanced race, but one that decided generations ago that there was nothing worthwhile about space travel, deciding instead to remain terrestrially isolated. Tokoekans hide their technology in primitive-looking treehuts and treehouses, living a deceptively simple aboreal existence with carefully masked space-age technology. Thus, when the growing Java Empire declared the powerful Magi a threat to its continued existence, no legions ventured near their corner of space, as the Empire had no reason to believe Tokoeka was anything more than a primitive world. For this reason, Beak managed to avoid the death sentence the Java Empire issued for Magi, and turned his attention to becoming a learned, devoted worshipper of the Great BaNAna, the wise and kind-hearted deity the dominated the Tokoekans' spiritual lives.

        However, when Bob, Ferdie, and Iiwi crash-landed a few scant miles from his treetop village, Beak's childhood sense of adventure stirred again, and he soon found himself joining the spacefaring detectives. He now resides on their homeworld, and works at a local Bananarama restaurant as a mild-mannered soda jerk. While he tends to be shocked by the locals' ignorance of the Great BaNAna's teachings, and all too often confused by their strange and somewhat bizarre habits, he is slowly settling into this new way of life. When not working at Bananarama, he can often be found aiding Bob and company work on their cases - as his fighting skills have proven useful to the detectives on several occasions - or working with Newt, as the genius kiwi's inventions are often the most advanced bits of technology he has the opportunity to play with. Though he comprehends little of the science behind the devices, the Tokoekan is evidently the only other person Newt has ever come across who comes close to understanding how they work – or at least is familiar enough with similar gizmos to recognize what they might be for.