Bob Kiwi                 Name:        Bob Kiwi
Known Aliases: Danger Kiwi, Agent Double-Oh-Zero
Species: Kiwi (Yellow)
Age: 26 years
40” (Approx. 1 meter)
Likes: Coffee, Coffee, and MORE Coffee! Also, Macs, Bobetta, and Hundred Dollar Bills.
Dislikes: Bridges, Falling, Decaf, Ivan
Known Fears:        Gephyropphobia (Fear of bridges or of crossing them)
Occupation: Private Investigator, International Kiwi of Mystery
Distinguishing Character Traits: Brave, courageous, and reasonably intelligent. Not very intuitive.

        Bob is the leader and co-founder of the Bob Kiwi Detective Agency. He is bold and adventurous, but tends to oversimplify things or take them literally. He's more than willing to rush into situations unprepared or under-prepared, but is clever enough to find a way out of trouble once things go awry. (And if all else fails, he's a pretty fast runner.) Bob started his career as Danger Kiwi, International Kiwi of Mystery, acquiring many of his 'sneaking' skills and booting abilities along the way. He's learned quite a few ways into an out of danger, and can hold his own in hand-to-hand combat – as long as he can boot his opponent, that is. His spy (sorry, 'intelligence operative') background lends itself to undercover work, disguises, and dealing with murkier corners of the law. Bob's incredible cuteness factor generally helps him avoid paying informants, as he can attempt to charm people into giving him information. Bob also often has dozens of high-tech gadgets on hand - courtesy of the creative genius, Newt - that can help him out in a snap.

        Bob met both Ivan and Bobetta during the peak of his Danger Kiwi days; in fact it was Bobetta who convinced him to move stateside. While he hasn't given up his Danger Kiwi identity, he is not called into action as often anymore– especially not unless believable cover stories can be worked out. Still, with the arrival of his arch-nemesis, the Evil Sir Ivan Kiwi, and the naturally dangerous nature of San Viano, he is finding the life of a private detective quite stimulating.