Ferdia Birdie                 Name:        Ferdia Birdie
Known Aliases: Blue
Species: Mountain Bluebird
Age: 24
Height: 64” (Approx. 1.7 meters)
Adrenaline Rush, High Velocities, Flight, Martial Arts, Adventures
Dislikes: Doctors, Defense Lawyers, Vernon
Known Fears: Coimetrophobia (Fear of Cemetaries)
Occupation: Police Detective
Distinguishing Character Traits: Energetic, Headstrong, Dedicated, Hard-working, Brazen, Tenacious

Ferdia was a childhood member of a neighborhood watch and the Civil Air Patrol. As a teenager, she became a vigilante, fighting crime after school and in between flight lessons. Currently, she is a member of San Viano's finest, and is also the proud holder of a commercial pilot's lisence.

        Ferdia da Birdie is the action-adventure incarnate. She lives for the chase, revels in the thrill of pursuit, and jumps at the opportunity to prove the impossible is possible. Once started, she'll stay with a case through its finish, regardless of risks entailed. She takes a professional interest in her brother's detective work, and helps where she can – often bailing him out should they get into a situation more dangerous than anticipated – but is otherwise the consummate cop. Her sense of adventure may lead her to starships and alien worlds far from the city she has sworn to protect, but when all is said and done, she's back on duty again. Currently employed as a police detective, she spends much of her off-duty hours helping her brother's private detective business, and also holds a pilot's license – for those rare occasions when the city lets her near its aircraft.

        Ferdia's infamous in the 42nd Precinct – and the rest of San Viano – for her particular style of policework. She has a habit of plunging right into a dangerous situation, forming tactics and strategies on-the-fly. Neither speed nor danger nor impossibility daunts her, landing her a reputation as a maverick who will stop at nothing short of her goal. Her unorthodox tactics and strategies are surprisingly effective, but her tactics tend to achieve results more from sheer shock value than academic merit, and the bills in property damage are never pretty. Closely watched by her superiors and avoided by a good deal of her more level-headed peers, she has found a more or less permanent partner in Squeaks.