Ferdie da Birdie                 Name:        Ferdie da Birdie
Known Aliases: none
Species: Mountain Bluebird
Age: 22
Height: 65” (Approx. 1.75 meters)
Technology, Mind Games, Supernatural
Dislikes: Hard Work, Meatloaf
Known Fears: Aviatophobia (Fear of Flying)
Occupation: Private Investigator
Distinguishing Character Traits: Superstitious, Easily Spooked. Occasionally Insightful.

        If Ferdie strikes you as being paranoid, it's because he has a reason to – he's a devoted scholar of things that go bump in the night. He's very well-read on myths, legends, and folklore, and can rattle off the specifications of any monster or ghoulish fiend you can think of. A strange hobby, perhaps; but after the already superstitious bird acquired indisputable proof of aliens – namely, Squeaks – he began to wonder if there was more truth to tales of the supernatural and paranormal than one might have thought, and figured it best to learn more about these possible foes. Ferdie is by and large the reason the detective agency takes on its stranger cases.

        Don't write Ferdie off as another Fox Mulder, though. He doesn't buy into conspiracy theories – they've worked with Ivan too much for that – or governmental cover-ups, or anything like that. And he's not paranoid so much as he's a professional coward. Despite the fact that he knows how to fight, Ferdie is a poor fighter – his 'flight' response seems to be his dominant one, and he would rather run from a fight than risk it. As such, any plans involving physical confrontation – or the threat of confrontation at all – worry him, and he contributes most to the team by either thinking up ways to avoid such situations or figuring out motives behind them. However, one does not grow up alongside Ferdia and not pick up a few moves, and if pressed, Ferdie can hold his own in a fight. Right up to the point where fleeing in terror becomes a possible course of action.

        When not researching the paranormal, Ferdie can often be found fiddling with computers. An accomplished hacker, he can usually glean information out of all but the best-protected systems – and if that fails, bring him the device in question and he'll find a way from there. His knack for technology makes him the one you'd go to with to fix or decipher a recalcitrant VCR, a digital camera with no manual, or those weird gizmos you can pick up at flea markets for a quarter.