Iiwi Redbird                 Name:        Iiwi Redbird
Known Aliases: none
Species:        Hawaiian I'iwi
Age: 23
Height: 60” (Approx. 1.6 meters)
Freedom, Travel, Treasure
Dislikes: Close Confines, Zealots, Lawyers, Ozzie
Known Fears: Moderate Claustrophobia (Fear of Closed Spaces)
Occupation: Private Investigator, Bounty Hunter, Treasure Hunter
Distinguishing Character Traits:        Outspoken, Impatient, Spontaneous, Adventurous, Opportunistic

        Iiwi is more than she seems. A flier, she's a natural adventurer, and craves action, excitement, and the wind beneath her wings. She spent most of her childhood and teenage years exploring the deserts of Africa and the tropical rainforests of South America with her father, and along the way developed a taste for treasure hunting – which she still indulges in whenever the opportunity arises. She is also a bounty hunter, bringing in those with prices on their heads – be those prices placed by the legal system or a third party. adventures crossed paths with both Bob and Ivan long before leading her to San Viano, and while she's set up shop with the Bob Kiwi Detective Agency, she's far from settled there. She is often away from the office for days or weeks at a time – usually with little to no advance notice – and seldom considers the impacts her departure might have on her friends' progress and caseloads.

        Iiwi is crafty and quick-witted, but her live-for-the-moment lifestyle and short attention span often lead her to rush into things, and her plans are seldom thought out to the end. Rather, she makes things up as she goes, strategizing on the fly – often literally – when problems arise. This has resulted in near-misses at times, and has often cost her her objective – for a while, at least. A swift and skilled aerobat, she tends to favor a cut-and-run strategy - withdrawing when outdone, only to return with a different array of tactics.

        Iiwi's not above taking matters into her own talons if the law stands in the way of her goals, and protects her privacy ferociously. She has used her skills as a detective to track down – and erase – records of her past, and seldom explains how this or that notorious contact made her acquaintance. She is a cheery enigma - open and friendly to all whose interest in her is anchored only in the present, careful and suspicious of those who would know her whereabouts in days passed. This often worries her fellow detectives, but as she has proven herself to a valuable member of the team, petty mysteries and transgressions are overlooked. Usually.