The Evil Sir Ivan Kiwi                  Name: The Evil Sir Ivan Kiwi
Known Aliases: “Boss”
Species: Kiwi (Grey)
Age: 29
Height: 44” (Approx. 1.2 meters)
Likes: Power, Money, Annoying Bob
Dislikes: Druglords, Disorganized Crime, Space
Known Fears:
Occupation: Mafioso Crime Boss
Distinguishing Character Traits: Devious, Scheming, Powerful, Intelligent, Principled
(Note: It is often impossible to recognize Ivan when his Sign Holder is not present.)

        One of the best-known villains of San Viano, the Evil Sir Ivan Kiwi is also the hardest to prove is a villain. As his title suggests, Ivan is a member of New Zealand nobility. His family, however, was so pathetically impoverished that, at the age of six, Ivan smuggled himself into the Big Apple. Once there, he integrated himself into one of the reigning Mafia Families, learning all he could about how they operated and excelled; after completing his "education," Ivan moved to the West Coast - an area noticeably lacking in his chosen field of expertise. San Viano, though a busy, bustling metropolis, was still young enough to lack any criminals more organized than common street gangs, and Ivan was thus able to quickly set up shop, without worrying about encroaching onto Mob territory. Once established, the San Viano crime “Family” – a Mafia in everything but name – quickly squelched its poorly-organized competition, and was soon large enough to rebuff all efforts to establish other Families in the area.

        Ivan conducts his operations in a professional and businesslike manner, and not only controls all illegal activity in his territory, but a sizeable portion of legal enterprises as well. As a demonstration of power, and as an effort to establish further control while gaining public approval, Ivan has outright banned drug trafficking and racketeering. By his reckoning, drugs make their users harder to control and more likely to act against him or his interests - and while Mob-funded loans are readily available, the occasional late payment is not met with a visit from a thug. Protection rackets are forbidden, although “donations” from shopkeepers can lead to actual protection from crime – the Mob equivalent of a security system is provided. To further bolster public support, any unpleasant “business” is conducted far from residential neighborhoods - and common-level thugs and street gangs also need to watch their step in Ivan's realm, as random acts of violence and vandalism are not tolerated.

        All of this serves to make Ivan a well-liked figure, and as with most Mafioso, proving his involvement in illegal activities is a task the police have long tried and failed at doing. The difficulty of their task is further increased by the fact that, though he is the criminal mastermind suspected in many grand schemes, his ingenius planning and his tendency to actually aid local law enforcement make pinning anything on him impossible. On quite a few occasions, Ivan's interests have coincided with those of the officers of the 42nd Precinct - as well as certain freelancing detectives - and his roles in helping them achieve their mutual goal have earned him much animosity among his fellows in the criminal element. However, for the same reasons that prevent the law from touching him, criminal opponents avoid challenging his authority – though he wields it easily, Ivan controls a vast and powerful empire, and can direct the full brunt of its wrath wherever, whenever, and at whomever he chooses.

        Ivan specializes in high-stakes jobs, professional hits, and the international black market, but as long as the scale is grand and the rewards are high, one can interest him in incredibly exotic or far-fetched schemes. He controls a sizeable amount of minions and related underlings - soldiers all, and readily expendable. At some point years ago, he took a young orphaned kiwi under his wing, and he's grown protective of his devoted sign holder and aspiring protege'.