Lita Farlane                  Name: Lita Farlane
Known Aliases:
Species: Tan Lupinian (alien species)
Age: 15
Height: 62” (not including ears)
Adventure, Battle, Flight
Dislikes: Bubblegum, Pink, Curfews
Known Fears: Pirates
Occupation: Ship's Pilot and Gunner
Distinguishing Character Traits: Quiet, Crafty, Unassuming, Competitive and Combative is pushed

        Lita's life's been an interesting one so far. After a childhood spent in a small town so average and uninteresting as to be cliché, she left home for space travel as a young teenager, venturing further and further from home with each adventure. A pirate attack brought her into the service of the Galaxia Kiwi, empress of espionage, whose chosen occupation soon grew dangerous enough to necessitate the presence of an even more infamous personage aboard their ship –Vycerian Commander Charles D'Gal.

        Spy adventures quickly blended with battles and fighting lessons, and as her skills improved, so did the rather timid rabbit's self-confidence. Her abilities were noticed, honed, and used at every opportunity, and she soon found herself in positions of power that only served to make her more of a target later. Tapped from Galaxia's crew to pilot a pirate fighter for the Evil Sir Ivan Kiwi only to have Galaxia and the Radioactive Bagels abandon the decoy pirate during a battle with the Invisible Ducks, Lita is presently in the service of the Evil Sir Ivan Kiwi as the pilot of his starships, trainer of test pilots, and ship gunner.

        Her current life is at once ordinary and extraordinary. Life on-planet is less dangerous, less rushed and urgent than life among the stars; left to her own devices here, Lita easily slips into the role of a typical teenager – strong-willed, defiant, and seldom interested in anything school-related. However, life in the employ of a mobster is far from simple, and on the clock, she's all business, flying missions, training lackeys, and following orders with a degree of accuracy honed by past experience. Her familiarity with gadgets and technology and her superb professional obedience – Lupinians are rarely leaders, but excellent followers – make her quite useful to her newest employer, and the sight of her following Ivan alongside the sign holder is becoming more and more common.