Squeaks Arcadia                  Name: Captain Squeaks Arcadia
Known Aliases: Ace
Species: Arellian White Mouse (alien species)
Age: 27
Height: 66” (Approx. 1.8 meters)
Logic, Order, Action, Excitement
Dislikes: Boredom, Politics
Known Fears: ???
Police Detective
Distinguishing Character Traits: Intelligent, Disciplined, Adventurous, Dedicated

        Squeaks is a mouse of reason. Most Arellians are, devoted as they are to order and discipline. Arellian society is built around pillars of logic and reason, supported by a culture of discipline and athleticism – the classic militaristic society, minus the lust for conquest. The mice of Arellia strive for perfection and peace, honing their minds, bodies, and technology to ever-sharpening edges in pursuit of this goal. That being said, they are far from a boring race – they are an adventurous and playful bunch, always looking for new answers and new problems to solve. Arellian space is some of the best-patrolled, safest, and most orderly territory in the Alliance, and Arellians that opt to serve their homeland in SpaceFleet instead of the Arellian Navy are some of the most sought-after souls in the Alliance.

        Until quite recently, Squeaks was revered as one of SpaceFleet's 'golden children.' Like most Arellians, Squeaks was born into a military family and raised under the watchful eyes of a houseful of soldiers and cadets, attending the preparatory academies that made up the backbone of Arellia's education system. His membership in locally-run regional patrols and related organizations as a youth were met with the traditional amounts of Navy praise, but his heightened interests in adventure and exploration prompted SpaceFleet to court the young teen with an offer of early admission into SpaceFleet Academy. Such an offer was an honor, to be certain, but hardly unusual – years of experience had taught the Alliance on thing quite well: if they did not snatch up these individuals as quickly as possible, the Arellian Navy invariably found a use for them. SpaceFleet sorely needed the easy discipline its Arellian commanders brought it, lest it become the trifling joke with all local navies as it was with the Ducks.

        Squeaks, like many eager youths in his situation, eagerly accepted the Alliance's offer. Enrolling in the Academy at the age of 15, he exhibited promising demonstrations of leadership and tactical strategies throughout his training there, and graduated near the top of his class. Highly commended for performances on summer-term tours of duty, he was commissioned to captain a small exploratory vessel immediately after graduation – a rare occurrence for a 'green' cadet, and an honor reserved for those exemplary cadets that graced the Academy – both as a gesture of trust, and a means to keep new graduates from returning to their native worlds' Navies when their obligatory tour of duty ended.

        Tasked with border exploration, Squeaks took his ship out to the extreme borders of Federation space and began fulfilling their specified mission. The young captain performed admirably, mapping systems in great detail with astounding speed, discovering a few new, useful worlds, and avoiding skirmishes with locals. Moreover, the mouse not only successfully negotiated several cease-fires, but recruited a handful of new Alliance members, and established a strong rappaport with the Invisible Duck crews that also roamed the area.

        SpaceFleet had no reason not to expect the young captain's track record to continue accumulating such accomplishments, and they eagerly anticipated relations with the powerful Ducks to improve with time, as the mouse's friendships and influence grew. For the first time since the Invisible Ducks had made themselves known to the Federation, the civilizations of the Alliance faced the prospect of finally tying down this loose cannon, using its power and resources to better uphold their mission and not to over-budget to keep up a façade of equal strength. Those within the Alliance that wished to aid some of the Ducks' territories also saw a chance to do more than levy tariffs and other sanctions against the Ducks – and there was hope that territory violations, such as those the Ducks were wont to execute in pursuit of fugitives from these worlds, would cease. Arcadia was thus given any resources he requested – a larger ship, a larger crew, roundabouts, field experts, prototype equipment, even fighters, when the need occasionally arose.

        And in the midst of their visions of a better future, Captain Squeaks Arcadia was ambushed and killed by primitives on an isolated planet just beyond the reaches of where their mission's tour was planned to finish.

        Or at least, that was the official story. It was what SpaceFleet, the Alliance, and the Invisible Ducks were told. It is even what the Arcadia's crew members that had not ventured on-planet were told. And, in truth, with the possible exception of the three or four away-team members who had actually witnessed the 'slaying,' it was what everyone believed. And, while accounts of Squeaks' heroic end ballooned into grandiose exaggerations as many soldiers' death tales do, the few crew that actually saw the 'attack' were nonetheless convinced that they had seen their leader fall. In the resulting confusion the news brought, no one even thought to return to the planet's surface and retrieve the remains - as well-trained and experienced as the crew was, procedure was forgotten for a time, and the ship left orbit without even trying to retrieve her captain.

        However, this posed a rather significant problem. Namely, that their dear captain was still very much alive. Unharmed, even. And, as the ship sped homeward, he was abandoned. Marooned.


        But like all good soldiers, Squeaks was trained to adapt to his surroundings. And survival training that might have been necessary on primitive worlds was most definitely not needed in this rather well-developed - if still pre-warp - blue orb. After several months trying in vain to establish contact with any spacefaring species that might happen by, the mouse resigned himself to the likelihood that he would spend the rest of his life on this planet, and sought out a job in policework.

        The rest, as they say, is history. By the Grace of Fate, Squeaks was partnered with Ferdia da Birdie – the sister of the very individual responsible for his predicament – and the pair's adventures were and continue to be as many and as exciting as any he'd flown before. Still, it was no replacement for space exploration…

        …or was it? Recently, Chance crossed Squeaks' path with that of the Invisible Ducks, giving him the opportunity to return to SpaceFleet – which, technically speaking, he was obliged to do. And yet…he remained on-planet.

        SpaceFleet's response to this action was anything but positive. Now banished and exiled, with a questionable bounty on his head, Squeaks finds himself pressing his luck to its limits as old friends and ghosts of yesterday arrive on-planet with ever-increasing frequency…