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San Viano. A bustling west coast metropolis, settled in the late 19th century as the California Gold Rush brought streams of settlers cross-country and then left them wondering what to do with themselves when they discovered there was no gold to be found. Nestled in San Bernadino Valley’s sheltered Sea Cliff Bay, San Viano is far from fault lines and ideally placed for a booming port city. Curiously enough, though, it was not until the second world war that this modest fishing town’s true potential was realized. As the city’s factories churned out war machines, her young men brought wives, families, and naval friends back from their tours of duty. Today, San Viano has grown to support a population of over ten million strong, with healthy fishing, shipping, and military industries – as well as a sizeable tourist trade. Like any city, San Viano has its share of crime, and keeps its law-enforcement personnel plenty busy – however, unlike most cities, it has a rather unlikely ally in the firmly entrenched, highly territorial, and strangely police-friendly local Mob. Between the local syndicate, a flock of private detectives, and the highly unorthodox tactics of several city cops, San Viano is not only less crime-infested than sister cities of her size, but a heck of a lot more interesting - so much so that local news shows are prohibited from airing during evening primetime hours on the grounds that they compete far too heavily with the sitcoms, which need high ratings for funding, thank you very much.
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