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Supporting Cast
The Evil Sir Ivan Kiwi, by far the best-known villain in this bunch. Born in New Zealand to pathetically impoverished nobility (hence the title "Sir"), Ivan smuggled himself into the Big Apple when he was six, and after his "education," moved to the West Coast - an area noticeably lacking in his area of expertise. Ivan conducts his operations in a professional and businesslike manner - a mafioso element harking back to his inner-city Mob upbringing and subsequent tuteledge under the Italian masters. Like them, Ivan seeks to control all illegal activity in his territory; however, unlike his eastern counterparts, he has outright banned drug trafficking as well as racketeering. Common-level thugs and street gangs also need to watch their step in Ivan's realm, as random acts of violence and vandalism are not tolerated. Ivan specializes in high-stakes jobs, professional hits, and the international black market, but as long as the scale is grand and the rewards are high, one can interest him in incredibly exotic or far-fetched schemes. Ivan controls a sizeable amount of minions and related underlings, but the only one he values is his devoted young sign holder - an orphan and, at times, aspiring protege'. Though he is the criminal mastermind suspected in many grand thefts and other schemes, Ivan's rap sheet is clean, owing in part to both his ingenius planning and his tendency to aid local law enforcement - when the mood suits him, that is. His familiarity with the officers of the 42nd Precinct, as well as freelancing detectives, has earned him much animosity among his fellows in the criminal element; however only a select few have ever challenged his authority. More Info
Ozzie Oswald. A suave and cunning cut-throat, this osprey presents himself as a succesful businessman, dressing in expensive suits and conducting meetings with important foreign representatives. Chairman of Oscorp Industries, many of his companies are legal, producing a range of electronic appliances; however, a good deal of them are also involved in arms and diamond smuggling. The combined income of all his activities allow Ozzie to live a life of rich - and somewhat decadent - luxury, as well as keeping his collection of weaponry well-stocked. Oz is a well-traveled, well-educated, and highly cultured individual, and from all evidence seems to have been an old friend of Iiwi's. Always rather elusive, Ozzie dropped out of sight and was presumed dead after a bloody attack on his private island home; however recent events suggest that he is merely being extra cautious while restoring his arsenal.
Dr. Perriwinkle was the type of kid you avoided on the playground. A brilliant though eccentric young man, Dr. Perriwinkle worked as a senior chemist for a drug-development company - until one of his associate's experiments went terribly, horribly wrong. The incident caused the newly-disfigured bird to spiral into lunacy, and he now spends his days obsessing over finding a cure to the damage. Like any mad scientist, Perriwinkle has a plethora of electronic gizmos and robots at his beck and call, and often resorts to kidnapping researchers or test subjects; finding funding for his research is also difficult, and as time passes, he is finding himself needing to rob a bank or federal reserve with inceasing frequency. Always a bully, this financial constraint has also driven him to violence and bloody acts of revenge; the brutality of these crimes has isolated him from the rest of San Viano's villains. His ruthlessness and inherent disregard for the lives of others, while making him hated by both the police and his fellow villains, have insured his survival simply by making him untouchable - too difficult to track down and too deadly to risk trying to take out.
Galaxia Kiwi's early life is an enigma. Contrary to what her surname implies, she is not a kiwi. Her exact species is unknown, and though her sharp beak and brightly-colored tailfeathers indicate probable Corellian ancestry, she resembles an Invisible Duck enough to pass for one - a trait that she finds invaluable in her chosen field. A skilled spy, Galaxia's intergalactic exploits have earned her the name "Empress of Espionage" as well as the reputation to go along with it. Using a blend of sleuthing skills and cat-burglar techniques, Galaxia specializes in the acquisition of information and technology, as it is here that her gifts of charm and beauty, coupled with her sharp mind, distinguish her from others in her field. Galaxia's technique, however, is closer to that of Mata Hari than James Bond, and in combat situations her inexperience and lack of adequate fighting skills have resulted in her defeat and near-capture on many occasions - a fact no doubt responsible for her taking to traveling with D'Gal in tow in missions where confrontations are likely. Though the origin of her seeming hatred for the Ducks is unknown, reports indicate she is currently employed by the Radioactive Bagels, a race long set on destroying the Ducks. Apparently well-paid by her employers, Galaxia is known to posses many luxurious ships; furthermore, her association with D'Gal seems to be leading to a gradual improvement of her fighting abilities. Galaxia is wanted for over 300 crimes in 46 sectors across the galaxy.
The Evil French Commander Charles D'Gal, a black-plumed member of a rare subspecies of Invisible Ducks. As a teenager, D'Gal's outspoken objections to the Ducks' seemingly flippant disregard for his species' failing homeworld lead him to join the Black Knights, an angry young wing of his country's navy. As the group grew, so did their anger, and the wing launched a violent campaign against the Ducks, raiding ships and pillaging colonies. Outraged, the Ducks came down on them with all the wrath of an angry god, baiting the rebels into traps, striking at their few outposts, and executing those captured. D'Gal owes his continued survival to a belligerence bordering on suicidal and a passionate hatred for those responsible for the deaths of his comrades. Perhaps the best account of this belligerence is the incident at the borders of Sector 7, where he reportedly took by surprise and slaughtered a fleet of Duck trainees before comandeering their escorting flagship. Rumor has it that D'Gal has recently been acting in league with the infamous Galaxia, apparently finding it more stimulating - as well as financially rewarding - to fight alongside someone whose hatred of the Ducks runs as deep as his does. D'Gal is considered extremely dangerous and should not be approached by anything less than a fully armed and capable battle unit. More Info
The Radioactive Bagels are a race of sentient breakfast rolls, fighting to "liberate" fellow pastry. The sworn enemies of the Invisible Ducks, they are fueled by a centuries-old tradition of hate - the exact reasons for the war they wage on the Ducks long since forgotten. Unable to directly fight the Ducks' superior military forces, the Bagels bide their time, building up their forces while employing terrorists and spies - D'Gal and Galaxia being among their better-known agents - to distract and weaken the Ducks. At present, their navy is still too ill-equipped to do much damage - but recent information from Galaxia has made them aware of the possibility of attacking the Duck homeworld without first having to get past their navy....

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