Bob Kiwi & Company: Past Survey Results

What's New? Past survey results displayed below. I miss the Quizlets, but I go where the free services are, and BeSeen has started charging for their polls. I have started dinking around with new free survey services, so please don't hesitate to let me know your thoughts on the different hosts.

Current Survey
Past Quizlet Results

Quizlet #1 - Who's your Favorite Kiwi?
Quizlet #2 - Who's your Favorite Non-Kiwi?
Quizlet #3 - Which Character is the Most Annoying? (I hate you all...)
Quizlet #4 - Do you vote once on these Quizlets?
Quizlet #5 - Does D'Gal's name bother you?
Quizlet #6 - In a Fighting Game Parody, What Would YOU Pay to See?
Quizlet #7 - What Fic Should Jennies Work on?
Quizlet #8 - Would A Kiwi Survivor Spoof Do Well?
Quizlet #9 - Why Does Squeaks Remind SOME PEOPLE of Biker Mice From Mars?
Quizlet #10 - This is just for the Evildoers. You Would Like Bobetta To...
Quizlet #11 - Kiwi Don't Make Good Pokemon Because...
Quizlet #12 - Is There Too Much Space in This Series?
Quizlet #13 - Rank These Things in Order of Coolness...
Quizlet #15 - Which Character Would You Like to See More of?
Quizlet #16 - Who's the Best Villain in this Series?
Quizlet #17 - You'd Most Like to See a Top 10 List Of...
Quizlet #18 - You Haven't Told Your Friends About This Site Because...
Quizlet #19 - Which Main Character's Past Would You Like to Know More About?
Quizlet #20 - Which Supporting Character's Past Would You Like to Know More About?
Quizlet #21 - Which Villain's Past Would You Like to Learn More About?
Quizlet #22 - If You Were Stranded on a Desert Isle, You'd Want a...
Quizlet #23 - Fan Input: This Series Needs More...
Quizlet #24 - Should I Post More Complete Character Bios?

Please note that you need Netscape 3.0 or Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher to use the survey, as it requires JavaScript stuff. Also note that if you are still running an earlier browser than Netscape 3.0 or IE 4.0, you ought to consider upgrading it before your computer bludgeons you over the head with its mouse. Text browsers are, of course, also unable to view the survey, but you can always email Jennies with your vote, and I'll post it for you.

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