Ferdie da Birdie and Ferdia, his Cousin, in "It'll Drive You Crazy."

Ferdie: Ferdia, my cousin, is coming today to my house. She is as old as I am, and she is very nice.
Ferdia: Hello.

Ferdie: Do you want to go to a restaurant?
Ferdia: Yes, gladly. I'm as hungry as a bear!

In the Restaurant
This restaurant serves every type of food.
Ferdia: Really?

Ferdie: (to Waiter) Please bring us some Italian food.
Ferdia: Ferdie, I'm allergic to Italian food!

Ferdia: (tapping pizza on table) What is this?
Ferdie: Pizza, naturally. A true Italian food.

Ferdia: (tosses pizza against wall, where it shatters on impact) It's a little too hard.
Ferdie: It seems you don't like pizza.

Ferdie: (nervously) The Greek Salad is much better.
Ferdia: I don't like Olives. And every Greek salad has lots of olives.

Ferdie: (laughing and pointing at a gyrating figure) Look - what a funny clown! Ha ha ha!
Ferdia: That's not a clown. He's choking on an olive.

Ferdie: Ha ha….oh. Opps. Hmm…. Oh, Waiter! Please bring us some French, not Greek.

Ferdie: (to Ferdia) You like French cuisine, yes? Am I right?
Ferdia: (folds arms) Right now, I don't care.

Waiter: Here is your French cuisine.
Ferdia: Good. I'm very hungry and a little angry.

Ferdia: (as Waiter lifts lid and reveals their live food) FROGS?!?

Ferdie: Uh-oh.

Ferdie: Err…Check, please!
Ferdia: (standing) I hate frogs!

Ferdia: (snags Ferdie by the leg)
Ferdie: HELP!
Ferdia: I….hateFROGS!

Ferdia: (uses Ferdie as a mallet, swinging him over her head and squashing the frogs)
*note: 'Schlag', in this case, roughly translates to 'Wham!'

Ferdie: (lying limply on the last squashed frog) Ow…

Ferdie: I get the feeling that you're upset with me.
Ferdia: (hauls Ferdie up by non-existent shirt and prepares to pummel him) Yeah. Just a bit.
Ferdie: Wait! Would you like to go to a typical American locale instead?

(munching on a cheeseburger) Ferdie?
Ferdie: Hmm?
Ferdia: Next time, can we come here first?
Ferdie: Sounds good to me!

Moral: McDonalds may not be something very special, but it is always good.
*Note: This was a play on words in German that doesn't exactly translate - 'Besonders' in German is 'special', while 'besonders' (as an adjective and not a noun) is 'always'.