Bob Kiwi's Photo Album: Page 11

May 23rd, 2000. Welcome to Bob's 3rd Birthday Party! Happy Birthday Bob Kiwi!!! Here's a shot of Bob & Beak in their "party hats." (Don't tell them they're really soda caps...)
Jennies crowded the guests of honor into this picture, then noticed a blur as two more guests arrived and dove in front of the camera! Here we see Bob & Beak with their party hats (and Beak's "doggie chains"), staring at the newcomers. Who are these two tiny yet strangely familiar kiwi-like beings in the foreground?
Why, they're two Hooties, an alien race of tiny kiwis exactly identical to specific Earth kiwis. Jennies pulled some strings and had Newt make some revisions to his Intergalactic Kiwi Network Transponder Thingamabob (Newt may not be a "mad" scientist, but "eccentric" scientists have just as much trouble thinking up invention names, and they don't even have a handbook!) and so Bob's Hootie & Beak's Hootie (as far as we can tell, they don't have names) showed up for the party.
The Hooties strike a stunning "Danger Kiwi" pose for the camera. Notice the gifts they brought: Beak's Hootie totes a bunch of BaNAnas, while Bob's guards a tiny cup of coffee.

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