Bob Kiwi's Photo Album: Page 24


Having seen where the stars sat, we decided it was high time to see where they lived, as well. And so it was off to Toontown, to visit Mickey's house. We've gotta tell you - that Mickey, he likes his mouse ears. They're everywhere. Including the fenceposts...

...and the kitchen! Which was apparently undergoing major rennovations. At least I hope it was. The kiwis swear it was like that when they found it. (A pity, too - Jennies had wanted to check out the appliances. Any oven that comes with a "Volcanic Heat" setting is an oven with a future in Jesmynne's annual Drake Roast...)

Quickly escaping to Mickey's shed before anyone noticed the gaping hole in the Mouse's house, we discovered His Mickness has another hobby - making birdhouses! Bob and Beak tried this one on for size - a little bright, but nice and roomy. A shame about that big silver vise, though - it's blocking the main entrance! Hmm, maybe he's still working on it?

Reports of a dragon drew our heros away from the walk of fame before we had a chance to swap pink-and-lace decorating tips with Minnie, whose house could give Bob's tender fiancee' a run for her money in the frills department. But the dragon turned out to be a mere Figment, which was really too bad - the kiwis had devised such a clever camouflaged disguise! Although perhaps the news came just in time - the kiwis were starting to spout clever witticisms along the lines of "Brilliant!" and "Don't get any bright ideas"...

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