Bob Kiwi's Photo Album: Page 27


After a bit of fancy footwork (nothing motivates a kiwi like a hungry iguana!), the kiwis found themselves in Thailand. They paused at some peasant temples by the riverbank, resting and enjoying the view of Mt. Everest, which Jennies had not realized one could SEE from Thailand. (Just goes to show the state of her geographical knowledge, we suppose...)

Having spotted Everest in the distance, the kiwis hailed a bus to base camp. The bus was festooned with brightly-painted tin creatures of all sorts, and Beal couldn't resist a photo near this one, maintaining that it must be an Eastern Kiwi Guardian Spirit. (Bob thought it might be a quail or ptarmigan, but seeing as it was surrounded with stylized tigers and suns, it's really anyone's guess...)

After a hair-raising ride on a runaway railcar (during which Beak nearly lost his grip on the cart as it raced backwards through darkened mineshafts), the kiwis took a well-deserved break at base camp. Bob stopped to try the rejuvenating Ye-Tea, while Beak poked around the supply shop - and made a new friend! His name is Ab O'Minable.

Beak also spotted this nifty mask. (We apologise for the poor image quality - apparently angry mountain gods do not photograph well.)

Once Bob was finished with his delicious Ye-Tea, he joined Beak for a tour of the expedition's base camp. Beak's new friend Ab even got them a V.I.P. pass!

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