Open Season

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"The purely unjust, dishonest man will be so deceitful that he will appear in every way honest. The purely honest man will so follow the path of Truth he will take any action toward that end even if the action taken makes him appear to all dishonest and unjust."

Teaser: The Invisible Ducks return to Earth to learn what became of D'Gal after he was shot down in Kiwis in Space. Pinpointing the downed yacht's location, Drake infiltrates the city - and that's when things start to go wrong. D'Gal's alive, Drake's missing, and the ship's computer is knocked out by a malicious bit of code. Left with no other alternatives, Mallard sends away teams to the surface. After all, how difficult can it be to find two ducks in New York City?

Yes, that's right, the long-awaited anti-hero interim fic between Kiwis in Space and Search for Cuteness is finally here! For those just joining us, this long-touted Drake-bashing and character-development spiel has a serious kiwi deficiency. That's right, there's no kiwis in this at all. But there is a happily homicidal computer virus, which makes it somewhat worth reading.

Who does the above quote refer to, you wonder? Who is the dishonest man, and who is the honest one? Well...I'm not saying. I leave that judgment entirely up to my readers.

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