Bob Kiwi's Photo Album: Page 22


Presenting Bob & Italy! Here they pose somewhere in Tuscany, deep in wine country...

Having missed most of the photo opportunities in Tuscany (Italy is not very kiwi-sized that way...or maybe it was all that vino...), our two intrepid heroes sought a snapshot atop a castle in Assisi - only to be run off by the highly territorial guard pigeons.

Florence made for better, pigeon-free posing.

Finally, towards the end of the trip, we hit upon some good kiwi props. Here Bob and Beak vie for position atop Attila's Throne. Yes, that Attila. The kiwis feel the legendary Hun might have spent less time out conquering and more time at home if he had something more comfortable to sit on.

And here we find Bob & Beak enjoying an interesting quirk of the European bath. We never quite got anyone to actually explain this mysterious device to us, but after a bit of discussion, our tour group finally concurred there was only one logical thing for this contraption to be: a foot-washer!

...though the kiwis rather felt it was actually a modern indoor birdbath.

Seriously, we have no idea what this is. It is not a bidet, thanks for playing, next contestant. Franky, it strikes us as something little boys might need instruction in the operation of - but for some reason, no one wanted to explain what it was for to a group of college girls. Can't imagine why... ;)

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