Bob Kiwi and Company: Coming Attractions

I figured if I let you hoardes of why-haven't-you-updated loonies know what plots were traipsing about my brain, you just might harrass me into finishing some of them. At present, Midnight in the Garden of Cute and Evil has priority, since those seem to be the only creativity demons that didn't retreat to some tropical resort when my pipe burst. Still, Jackal & Hyde is short, and those in charge of Shades of Grey have weapons, so work will get done on those as the inspiration hits. And, of course, I'm always willing to take fan input into consideration. Also, some of these are still working titles, so if you think you've got a better pun/play on words, let me hear it! (I've *attempted* to list things in order of priority and/or percent completed, but with creativity demons as volatile as mine, it's an approximation, at best.)


Title: Occupational Hazard
Plot Summary: Fun with holiday decorations at the 42nd Precinct. ^_^
Status: FINISHED!!! (Only took me 3 seasons, too... :P)
Page Count: 5. (I look back at my original estimate of 9 PANELS, and just kind of LAUGH....)

Title: Midnight in the Garden of Cute and Evil
Plot Summary: Bobetta has invited Bob and friends up for a weekend at her dear departed great-uncle's estate, since it's ever so much more fun to admire your inheritance in front of others. Surrounded by miles of pristine mountain wilderness, the estate is infinitely impressive. Gardens, forests, fountains, a palacial mansion - this place has everything. Including a dark, dangerous secret...
Status: Work-In-Progress. The script for this has actually been done since early 2006; I've just had trouble keeping pace with the actual DRAWING of the comics...and finding time to color them...but I'm getting better (IMHO), and have a brand-new volunteer colorist onboard, so mayhaps we'll see more progress in '07...
Teasers: Five Minutes to Filming
Page Count: TOO MANY

Title: Bob Kiwi: Buccaneer
Plot Summary: Bob & Company are out for a cruise when they're attacked by pirates! The group is captured, Bob loses his memory, and chaos ensues!
Status: Rewrite-In-Progress. Got about 5 chapters in when I realized Pirate Bob was driving me nuts. I'm giving the whole thing a severe rewrite, so it's not so painful and ew. Updates pending.
Page Count Goal: 100

Title: Vegas, Baby!
Plot Summary: Following the death of one of Las Vegas' Capos, Ivan and a host of other West Coast players are invited to a council of crimelords to decide on the future of their fallen colleague's empire. But a meeting of evil minds is too tempting an opportunity for some to thin out the competition...
Status: Work-In-Progress. What makes this story so aggravating fun is that it is an ACTUAL mystery - complete with hints and clues and all the reader needs to work out the killer's identity before they're unmasked. The downside to this, however, is that I need to get significantly further into the story before I can start posting chapters, since, outline and plot map or no, I'd hate to have to go back and repost a chapter if I change my mind about certain clues...
Page Count Goal: 100-200.

Title: Jackal & Hyde
Plot Summary: Flash back 8 years, to when our heros were only teens, and witness the first time two of our favorite devious characters crossed paths. Treasure-hunting in Egypt hasn't changed much in the last century - travel is hard, treason is high, and the rewards are few but far-rewarding. But watch your step. Cicily is just across the shore...
Status: Queued. Before the creativity demons in charge of this vanished in my apartment's flood, they let me in on more of the plot - and while it's relatively straight-forward, it's important. (At least in terms of why a certain Redbird is out to destroy an arms dealer I might mention...) I've posted the bit I've done so far; fans can badger me into working on it more.
Teasers: Prologue
Page Count Goal: I doubt this'll top 20 pages. (I lie, of course.)

Title: Shades of Gray
Plot Summary: Vyceria, the desolate wasteland that gave rise to the galactically-infamous Black Knights, was once a lush world with a civilization much like any other in the Platyrian Empire. But when disaster strikes and allies turn a blind eye on the orb, life takes a turn for the worse. What do you do when your world is dying but no one will let you leave?
Status: Queued. The creativity demons for this went missing when my pipe burst. Odds are, they're off plotting my demise and won't return until the weather heats up a bit. In the meantime, go read Open Season if you haven't already, because the Prologue is really all I can offer you on this now.
Teasers: Prologue
Page Count Goal: Obscenely long, if the outlines the creativity demons are currently running around with are anywhere near accurate. We are talking about a decade's worth of villainous deeds, after all. And a heckuva lot of them aren't even D'Gal's!

Title: The Comic Challenge
Plot Summary: A collection of short comics that have lost their dialogue. It's up to the fans to save these scenes from silent movie infamy while Jennies searches for their lost audio tracks!
Status: On Hold. Response to this experiment has been low, so I'm working on improving my comic presentation before bringing this back as a possible permanent feature. It's kinda fun, and it's got me working on two things I need to improve in order to do a webcomic: short scenes and quick art production. Those responses I have received will go up, eventually...
Page Count Goal: With luck, none of these should be more than a page. But I hope to amass quite a collection of them!

Title: A Bad Penny (Working Title)
Plot Summary: You've heard the saying to the effect that a bad penny always turns up when you least expect? Months after leaving him for dead, Galaxia returns to Earth in search of D'Gal, to hire his assistance for her next assignment.
Status: DNR Order. Maybe I'll do this; maybe I won't. I've got so many other things on my plate already, and I forgot what exactly this assignment was. I think it had something to do with scouting the Invisible Ducks' territorial borders, or something. The Bagels've had that wormhole-generator for months, and they've all got itchy trigger fingers. But they'll have to wait until I rediscover the plot.
Page Count Goal: Let's just say 100 and accept the fact that I lie like a cheap area rug.

So let it be written. So let it be done.

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