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Late-Night Flight 2001's tribute, featuring Iiwi, the Kiwis, an overly-kawaii Sign Holder, and a late night delivery. Background courtesy of Bryce.
Hit the Slopes! 2000's winter greetings, with chars matched up to appropriate hardware.
Happy Holidays 1999! SNOWBALL FIGHT!!! I like Ivan's snowball cannon...
1998 Christmas Card Bob Kiwi & Company, all decked out in holiday cheer.

Bob Cassidy and the Sundance Kiwi Bob & BeakĀ in a shot from their upcoming movie.

Iiwi Character Study Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Classic Iiwi Assorted Iiwi images, doodled in free time and forgotten.

Little Iiwi Loves her Daddy... Aw, isn't this cute? An old photograph of Iiwi.

This, too, shall pass.. Poor Iiwi. It's not her fault. It wasn't her fault. Don't let her tell you otherwise.

Lita, the Dust Bunny pilot Ivan nabbed to fly his fighter. Don't even ask about the uniform. I plead sci-fi overdose.....

Supercute Bob Baby photo of a hatching Bob Kiwi.

A Day at the Beach Bob & Co. at the Beach. Ferdia's actually out of uniform! Wowzers! Too bad I was too lazy to draw her fellow officers on the other side of the non-existent vollyball net. And Iiwi's supposed to be 'wind'-surfing.

Decaf: the UN-coffee Justa little gag we thought up at Macworld '99 when we saw our hotel's complimentary coffee selection.

Punkie No, that's not her name. The punk mouse from the Manje gang in Car 54, Where Are You?.

Happy Halloween! Bob & Co. all dolled up for Halloween. Ivan is Dracula, Gracie's the Bride of Frankenkiwi, Bobetta's a cute lil' witch, and the Sign Holder's taking a page from Ivan's book - he's a gangster. Iiwi's gonna kill me for makin' her squeeze into that suit. And no, Ferdia's not drunk. She an' Squeaks are just really good at undercover work (like standing in as members of a gang). Bob's dressed as the Pickler - a Batman in-joke that would make more sense if I'd post my comics faster - and Beak is Mr. T. - "I pity da fool!"

Dark Iiwi Iiwi, still stuck in her Halloween costume.

Munched With a Mac Light BG Button / Light BG Bullet / Dark BG Button / Dark BG Bullet
A lil' icon for da Kiwis.

Foo-Foo Fighters Event Poster The Poster for Foo-Foo Fighters. Contains a spoiler or two.

Ozzie Oswald Ozzie, kickin' back in his office.

Annoyance Factor A panel from the infamous Raft Scene in Bob Kiwi: Private Eye. (Ah yes, there's nothing quite like being stuck on a raft with your archnemesis.) Featuring Bob's latest hit single, "Stinky Feet."

Prince Petri Ah, the elusive Prince Petri. Doodled in my biology notebook and colored just for the heck of it. Bob's comment on this pic was, quote, "He's not wearing any pants!" unquote.

The Scarlet Tanager Ivan's fighter ship from Kiwis in Space. It's gonna need a new paint job if he wants to keep that name...

Kiwi Cave-Painting This primitive rendition of Beak was recently discovered in what appears to be one of the oldest known kiwi settlements in the world.

Ivan's Jet / Jet in Flight Ivan's pretty little bat-winged jet from Private Eye.

I Pity da Fool! Beak in his Mr. K attire.

Scenes from Private Eye Colored sketches of scenes from Private Eye.

Beak Taggin' Everyone's favorite Jedi kiwi, hangin' out and doing some simple tagging. Yeah, he's one bad-bootie bird. Love those doggie chains.

Hallo-scream Ivan's not too thrilled with his two wards' choices of costumes. (A fact that his as-yet nameless squirrel minion is finding out the hard way.)

Happy Thanksgiving! Bob seems to have found Ferdie's old turkey costume...and now he's gotten himself into the same mess Ferdie did years ago!

Bob the Turkeys! More Thanksgiving antics from everybody's favorite turkey activist. (Guest starring Bob the Turkey!)

Warrior Princess Ferdia! (No, wait, don't beat me, it's not a Xena thing!)
Ferdia taking a breather beneath a shade tree. A sneak preview snippet from A Scythe in Time.

Hit the Slopes! Bob Kiwi & Co. try their luck at skiing - with mixed results!

Blaziing Satellites The ship-battling scene from Kiwis in Space.

Hawk Attack! | What About This One? Teaser pics for Kiwis in Space II: The Search For Cuteness. You wanna know more, you gotta read the fic.

The Incredible X-Birds A quirky little parody pic that I sketched out and posted just to send X-Men fans into conniption fits. Yes, I *know* the costumes are bad.

Boot Camp Undeniable proof that Jennies should not be allowed near reality shows. I was forced to watch a preview for one, and my brain concocted this in self-defense. (Have I mentioned my brain is EVIL?)

Bob Goes Psychadelic! Sad proof that Jennies should not be allowed to become bored in class when computers with Photoshop are around.

Beak, looking tousled and scrappy.

1998 T-Shirt (Front) | (Back) | 2001 Shirt (Front) | International Kiwi Awareness Week | (View 2) | (Close-Up) Digital photos of Bob Kiwi t-shirts. The back of the second one reads Bob Kiwi: International Kiwi of Mystery.

Partial Cast Roster Most of the main characters and a few of the minors. There is one uncolored pic of Iiwi in here, as well as: Marie the mouseling - with a plush fluff daemon beside her; Ma Birdie, complete with pan of meatloaf and happy-face apron; and Bink the child genius, complete with bottle and chalkboard full of complex formulas.

Ferdie da Birdie Looking like a real character and not a 'blue thumb' as one fan (Plague!) so eloquently put it.

Bob Kiwi For use on the redesigned Cast Roster page. He's sooooooooooo kyoooooooooot!!!

Bob Kiwi - Desktop Image For those who have always wanted Bob Kiwi as their desktop background.

Don't Mess With Me A shot of Beak, resident bad-bootie bird, that rocks da house. Check out the new coloring style! Gotta love it!

Kiwi Kiddies! | Future of the Force Behold, Bob Kiwi and Company as they appear in The Good, the Bad, and the Chibi!

Twelve Days A Bob Kiwi comic spin on the Twelve Days of Christmas. Season's Greetings, all.

The Prima Ballerina You know, I noticed the other day that, though she is Bob's fiance', Bobetta has very few images in the gallery, let alone on the site. And if I noticed, Bob's noticed. So here you go - a shot of Bobetta in full dance costume.

Sorry, sir... Even the Evil Sir Ivan Kiwi gets caught out in the rain sometimes.

Sign Holder Tiny colored Sign Holder.

Galaxia in Corellian Garb | Steal Your Secrets... Proof one should not draw while on flu medication. Drawn a while ago, and for some reason scanned instead of burned. Oh well. Hey, I'm fairly certain that's Drake in the second image. Poor fool has no idea who his admirer is, much less what she's up to...

Late-Night Flight 2001's holiday tribute, featuring Iiwi, the Kiwis, and an overly-kawaii Sign Holder.

Misc Images Colored bits from my sketchpad.

Shot in the Dark The leading ladies of Bob Kiwi & Company in rather unusual attire. I like Lita's reaction the best. Congrats to those Pink Panther fans that recognized the title.

Somebody Stop Me! Or, Why Jennies Should Not Be Allowed To Get Stuck In Traffic. I realize 'Horse' is technically supposed to be white, but Beak spotted me with a bucket of bleach and threatened to give me a Class-A Bootness if I came near him with it. I don't love accuracy that much.

Beach Birdies Another beach pic, with much better artistic quality than the one from '98. Ivan's wake-boarding and Ferdie's kiteboarding, for those who have yet to see these antics. And once again, the sign holder is uber-kawaii (way to mangle two languages at once, Jennies).

Sanderling | Skelk | Telk Native non-sentient species of the Hawks/Hooties world. (More teasers for Search for Cuteness.)

Future of the Force Finally found and inked this image. The result is much nicer than the penciled one. Behold, Ferdia and Squeaks as they appear in The Good, the Bad, and the Chibi.

I've Got Your Back Small sketch of our favorite cops in fighting formation.

It's Good to be Evil Ancient silhouette of Ivan. I think it's nifty.

Iiwi Self-explanatory, really. A shot of Iiwi. She looks younger here...could this be her circa Jackal and Hyde? Stay tuned...

Congrats, Class of '02! Bob and Beak in graduation robes, celebrating their diplomas/degrees.

Winnifred Wells Headshot of Winni, a one-shot character from Open Season.

D'Gal and Jesmynne, brought to you by the letters E, V, I, L, and the number 10, which had the misfortune of wandering by the wrong place at the wrong time.

Coffee Break Speaking of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, here's a shot of the cast of the upcoming Mystery comic (yes, a real, true, long comic) taking a break from filming. I've tentatively decided to call this time-consuming pain-in-my-bum Midnight in the Garden of Cute and Evil.

Midnight Garden of Cute and Evil The poster and official title image of a Bob Kiwi comic like no other. Coming soon* to a monitor near you.
* "Soon" in this case as in "Sometime before the next millenium," but at least I'm trying.

A Scythe In Time | (Smaller Image) | (B&W) | The Lizard Wizard | Newton More teaser shots of the longfic currently in development. Ah, anticipation.

Night of 100 Bunnies | (Color) An image that's been lurking around my brain ever since Chaos introduced me to Sluggy Freelance. Guest starring Bun-Bun, a Fluff Daemon, Mr. Fluffypants (the 30 ft Void Elemental), and a rabbit-ized version of the insanely popular German mouse, Diddle.

Lookouts | (Color) Shifting gears to the newest longfic, here's yet another teaser image from the upcoming Scythe in Time. I think. I can't see these two hanging around in the woods under any other situations... Why, yes, I am evil. Thank you. Now click the link.

Supporting Cast Roster Shots of Ferdia's fellow 42nd officers, as well as Callie (an 8th Precinct beat cop). (Yes, I know police captains and detectives and whatnot aren't technically required to wear the uniform, but I don't care. In this world, they do. (At least, that's my story, and I'm sticking to it!) )

Piggyback Ride Marie the mouseling gets a piggyback ride from Squeaks, who looks a tad uncertain about the whole thing.

Halloween 2002 Marie and Bink da Birdie, dressed up in Disney splendor and out trolling for sweets. (Copyrights?!? We don't need no stinkin' copyrights!!!) Behold Ma's mad seamstress skillz.
Note to Disney: Please don't sue me. I have no money. No, really, I don't.

Lita Farlane: Been There, Done That | (sketch) | (color) Because she has. ;) If nothing else, this image has introduced me to the necessity of having the same version of Photoshop on my desktop and laptop; the colors got messed up when I put it on a monitor. (I managed to save the text; the planet's rings, on the other hand...) I blame PS 5.0; the laptop has PS 7.0. Even Elements 2.0 couldn't save me as a go-between this time. Top that off with the fact that since I couldn't properly warp the background onto her shirt, it loses most of its original intended play, and you have the source of yet another one of Jennies' banging-head-against-the-wall headaches. Bleah...

Scythe in Time Character Design Sketches Colord concept sketches of Newton, Ferdianna, Prince Ferdinand, the temple dragon...even Ferdie with a sword! (I know he's not holding it right; the question is, does *he* know that?) Other things of note: hadn't yet decided on gryphons as the King's emblem when I drew this, and couldn't be bothered to find an armor reference. Also, the dragon looks far too cutesy. I plan to follow these up with shots of scenes from the story...but I know better than to start on them before finishing the text. You've already waited long enough....

Bob Kiwi: Police Siren Discovered amongst old notes from Private Eye, this was a rough sketch of the scene where the gang taps Bob as their siren. And behold - Ferdie's car, before it was chomped on by a Vorschlag demon. Drawings like this make me realize just how much my art's improved since Bob Kiwi's humble beginnings...

Graveyard Shift (200K) | (Small - 100K) (200K) The Bob Kiwi Detective Agency investigates reports of strange happenings in a graveyard in the official Halloween image for 2003. I love the setup, colors, and details on this one! (Though the Celtic knotting on the gravestone cross drove me nuts...) I may need to look into things to print this on. I highly recommend viewing the larger image, as the smaller one lost some detail and presence (IMHO), but for those of you operating on monitor resolutions below 1024 x 768, you *will* have to side-scroll to see the whole larger image.

Technical Difficulties A pipe burst in my apartment, flooding the place and throwing my update schedule right out the window. Here's the filler whipped up to try an' explain myself...

Pets Because every now and then, my creativity demons like to remind me how truly demented they really are. I think I need to go shake the lot of them...

Glamoured Iiwi (Sketch) A sketch of Iiwi in her glamoured form at the very end of Scythe in Time. Drawn so large it bled onto more than one page, which is why the wings are rather clipped in the sketch. This is what I do when I get bored at work. Maybe I'll be bored again soon, and can ink and color it properly...

da Birdies The members of the Birdie family still living under Ma's roof: Marie the mouseling - with a plush fluff daemon beside her; Bink the child genius, never without a bottle of milk and either a chalkboard full of complex formulas or a laptop of some sort, and Ma Birdie herself, complete with pan of her favorite meatloaf and a happy-face apron.

Iiwis | Iiwi in Flight | Ivan Colored sketches recently discovered on my hard drive.

Chibi Jesmynne and the Hamma of DOOOOOM!!!!! ...You know, there are days when I really shouldn't be allowed near pencils and paper. Nevertheless, this was fun. And as long as she finds Drake and not me, I'll live to draw again...

Halloween 2004 The problem with a props room is, once certain people find it, they abuse it. Lita & the Sign Holder dressed for the holiday, or possibly for a con. ^_^; At least Lita's weapon's peace-wrapped (for now).... This deserves a background, but every time I started working on one, my computer tanked.

Luck 'o the Clueless An adorably clueless Beak sits atop his St. Patrick's Day find, no doubt wondering where his pot of golden baNAnas is. (Or perhaps calculating the amount of baNAnas his perch could purchase...)

Prima Ballerina An old, though recently colored, sketch of Bobetta.

Waterfowl Water and the kiwis just don't seem to mix. Also, a Father's day present for Daddies. This actually happened right after their extension was finished, though I'm told water only streamed through one window...

Night Riders There was a point in Scythe in Time where everyone was falling asleep in their saddles. There was an attempt to put this scene to paper, but Jennies bailed when she realized that would take effort, so she opted to practice on equine form instead...

Character Commentary Beak tells it like it is.

The Great Pumpkin Fun with Jack-O-Lanterns. I truly, sincerely, and whole-heartedly feel sorry for Ivan the day Lita teaches the Sign Holder tagging. Really, I do.

Care of Magical Creatures Jennies' parodical send-up of all things Hogwarts. I like the details in this image - esp. the flow of characters' gazes. The Sign Holder's watching the sheep; Lita's keeping an eye on both the temple dragon *and* the precinct's coffee....also, I need to start making Squeaks dress down more often. He reminds me of a furry James Dean all tousled and lounging like that. ^_^

Snow Angels 2005's Holiday image. Bob's got some serious hidden talent there. (The next time I ask the kiwis to do something, I oughta make sure they know what I'm talking about...)

Christmas Shades | Bells & Tangles | Peppermint Kiwi | Santa Kiwi | Seasonal Finery | Santa's Helpers 2005's Holiday Card greetings. Because writing notes and pleasantries was too difficult. ^_^;

Headwind Iiwi, merrily whirling about the clouds. The colored version of half my contribution to Innocence's sketchbook. I adore this so much it's become by background image. ^_^ Also, prints are up on CafePress.

Babysitting San Viano's dynamic duo in a rare moment of rest with their various charges (Marie, Squeaks' two gryphlets, and, of course, the 42nd Precinct's coffee mascot).

Mommies' Birthday Card! | (Inside) Birthday tribute for Mommies!

Daddies' Birthday Card! | (Inside) | (Why "Do Not Open?") Birthday tribute for Daddies! (So help me, the NEXT time the Creativity Demons come up to me 24hrs before a birthday with a squeal of "We've got a great idea for a card!", I'm going to run the other way. Still, I was intrigued by the concept of our very own pop-up card, so I went ahead and gave it a shot. I scanned it before glueing the hidden bit beneath its panel, however, so the web image is missing the upturned flap. But at least you get the idea...)

Bob Cassidy & the Sundance Kiwi (2006) A revised doodle of the kiwis decked out in Western gear.

Technical Bob Donning a labcoat and examining RAM, no less!

All About the LPs Beak kicks back with some vintage tune-age. Dig the Leaping BaNAnas album cover.

Nonsequitor Easter Bunnies Armed with coffee cups and bushells of bananas, our heroes prove they have NO concept of Easter Eggs...

A Pirate's Life for Me Lita, as she appears in Bob Kiwi: Bucanneer. Historical accuracy matters very little when your captain's an amnesiac that's got you leaping from the riggings...

A Bachelor's Degree in Cuteness A quickie 2006 graduation blip for the Boss!

That Wasn't Supposed to Happen... Birthday card for Chaos. Who let Beak into the kitchen, anyway?!?

BaNAna Guardian A quickie Beak badge, to be used as a sample at art cons.

Badges? We Don't Need No Stinkin' Badges! ^_-; Another quickie badge, this one of Bob.

Classic Cosplay Bob & Bobetta, done up Cinderella style! (With Iiwi filling in for Cindy's bird friends!) 2006's Anniversary gift for my parents.

Spooky | Spookshow Baby! Character-development sketches of Midnight in the Garden of Cute and Evil's quirky ghost-gal. No name as yet; she's forgotten it.

Beach Bums Kickin' back with Bob Kiwi & Company on a summer beach retreat. I find the Sign Holder's choice of labels quite fitting, seeing as it took me a solid TWO YEARS to find the time to ink and color this...

Star-Spangled Banter Bob's Labor Day tribute, or an incredibly late Independence Day doodle? You decide! ;)

A Most Devious Pumpkin Another year, another fabulously-carved jack-o-lantern by the Sign Holder! (What? This is the closest I get to making my own...)

Failed Experiments in Costuming Bob, Beak, Iiwi, and Jennies (in kiwi form!), kitted out in a variety of crazy Halloween regalia. I uber-kiwiied everyone up for this image, then went and made a "seawi" since...Iiwi's not actually a kiwi... ^_^;

Christmas Angel Bobetta was so inspired by last year's snow angel, she decided to try it out herself.

Kiwis on Ice! 2006's Holiday image. Bob and Beak break out some old-school ice skates for a dose of seasonal fun. (Bob wondered why he kept skating in circles for quite some time before he realized it was because his blades were warped...) Background's entirely hand-rendered, as Bryce seems to have corrupted itself and I find myself temporarily incapable of locating my installation disks...

Holiday-Card Kiwis! | Snowkiwi Scans of this year's holiday card doodles. We have: Bob with Hot Cholocate; Santa Kiwi; Beak the "Nutcracker Prince", and Magi Beak (the most clueless of the Three Wise Men). Oh, and Bob making a snowkiwi (albeit not as snazzy a one as when Bobetta was around last year...).

Superbowl Doodle Jennies grew up in Chicago, and the first memory of football she has is of dancin' the Superbowl Shuffle at Monday's school celebration day. Thus, the cast was morally obligated to root for Da Bears in 2007.

Cherub Bob | Cupid Bobetta Valentines Day doodles of our favorite kiwi and his leading lady. (In our defense, we were on cold medication. LOTS of it...)

Kiwi Green Bob and Beak, kitted out in St. Paddy's gear. (That's green iced coffee Bob's sporting. Really. He told me so himself...)

Midnight Apparition Most of February was spent mapping out Midnight in the Garden of Cute and Evil in one continuous segment, rather than the five notebooks with dozens of rewritten scenes it *had* been occupying....and in the spirit of that, finalizing the ghosts' appearances. Also, it was Valentine's day, and my creativity demons always get a little weird around Valentine's Day. Still, at least we finally remembered what we'd named the Red Room Ghost: Amelia.

Capo de tutti Capi Brought to you by our new Failures in Signage department, Ivan breaks out in a gangster moment. The Boss of all Bosses, indeed! ^_-

Have You Blinged Your Kiwi Today? Bob and Beak, pimpin' it as only they can. Drawn on a dare from IndigoAngelCat. :)

Kiwis in Space Astronaut Tip #27: Before opening the cargo bay doors, make sure all snacks have been secured.

All Hallows Kiwi Bob, absolutely not dressed as a witch for Halloween. Nope. Not a witch. Just your standard adorably-cute kiwi detective, sporting a stylish cape and seasonal headwear. Complete with festive props! ^_^

Nothing to See Here... Lita and the Sign Holder, enjoying a festival of fireworks and absolutely not up to anything suspicious. At. All.

In Der Weinachtsbakerei (In The Christmas Bakery) The plucky detectives of Bob Kiwi & Co - and two of San Viano's finest - take to the kitchen in a grand holiday cookie bake. Fortunately, Bobetta had more than enough money to cover the subsequent repairs... (Whoever let Beak into the kitchen had the good sense to keep him away from the power tools appliances, but neglected to check everyone else's domestic credentials...) The title comes from an old German children's song that's been mentally playing on continuous loop since the moment this image sprang into my head... (Loosly translated, the chorus runs something like In the Christmas bakery/there are many delicious things/between flour and milk/with a little kneading/(it's) a really big snack emporium...)

Santa's Helper: Bob | Santa's Helper: Beak | "Dear" Bob | "Dear" Beak | Cherubic Bob | Cherubic Beak | Cookies Make Excellent Bribes... | For Those Who Don't Like Cookies | Cookies for Everybody! Just like I promised. I'd scheduled a flight of peace doves as well, but that...did not go as planned. Ehehe... ^_^; (2007's Holiday Card Art)

Happy Birthday Mommies! Featuring a puppy pinata and absolutely no sharp objects. :D (Don't mind me; I'm coming down off of emergency kiwi restoration surgery...)

Happy Birthday Daddies! Now with a portable anti-grav platform for total MacBook Air immersion. :)

Capo de Tutti Capi The Boss of All Bosses, remixed in PhotoShop to provide that extra bit of oomph I can't currently hack with real media...

Bay City Kiwis Bob & Beak hit the mean streets of San Viano in this year's birthday card to He Who Runs The Place. Now, if only I could remember which crime drama I'd meant to be spoofing... (These things become issues when one doesn't watch television...)

Escape From Easter Egg Island A super-spiffy collaboration with IndigoAngelCat, who swears there's a story behind this and assures me she'll eventually write it down. I cannot WAIT...

Midnight in the Garden of Cute Kirbies and Evil... The "heroes" of MGCE, kirbified your your enjoyment.

Holiday Kiwi Ornament Bob and Beak decorate a tiny but cute holiday tree, complete with festive candied baNAnas.

Santa's Little Helper Bob delivers somebody's new Macintosh computer in this cute ornament.

Snowball Fight! The Sign Holder squares off against the great BaNAna-defending Beak as a clueless Bob Kiwi waves at the camera; Ivan contemplates the usefulness of the Freeze Ray; Bob and Beak are toppled by unseen snowball-throwing snipers; Bob winds up for a return volley early in the fight; Beak is determined to protect ALL baNAnas - even snow ones; Lita expands on PyKL's training (in other news, I can neither confirm nor deny rumors that Lita stole Bob's scarf); and, finally: "Bob knew his beloved would never throw a snowball at him. Still, he had to admit, Bobetta seemed to find his predicament unusually amusing..."

- Jennies

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