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New Stuff: ZOMG new fanart! JOY! ^_^ Fanart is listed in reverse-chronological order, so the newest stuff is up top. And remember - any and all fan submissions - be they fan art, fan fiction, fan comics, or what-have-you - are welcome. Just email them to The Jennies, then sit back and watch the chaos unfold.

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Bob Kiwi & Company (Need A Clue!) Death nabs the cast for a remake of the hit 80's movie Clue. That's right: Murder, Intrigue, and Multiple Endings! Now, if only they could get everyone to stick to the script...

Chronicles of an International Kiwi of Mystery A compilation of some of Danger Kiwi's adventures, brought to you by Rascal, Death's narrator incarnate. ;)

Masters of the Universe (Or So They Think) Picking up where Try Again left off, we join the body-switched cast for another round of trans-dimensional hijinks - only this time around, half of them have lost their memories and taken on the personas they landed as! Eternia may never be the same again...
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Try Again Bob Kiwi and Company find themselves magically body-switched with Lina Inverse and the cast of Slayers in this hysterically funny comedy by Death, who has some of the most warped suggestions of all Bob's fans. Join them in their zany quest, or just grab some popcorn and watch the narrators argue. Yes, argue. :D
Check the Fanart section for cast shots from this fic!

Vampire Slayer Ferdie Ferdie finds himself tapped as a parallel world's only hope in this excellent story, brought to you by Plague. Will Ferdie live up to the prophesy, defeat the fiends, and save the world - or are he and the rest of Bob Kiwi & Company doomed to spend the rest of their days in a world without coffee?

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Escape From Easter Egg Island A super-spiffy collaboration with IndigoAngelCat, who swears there's a story behind this and assures me she'll eventually write it down. I cannot WAIT...

Fight! Lita, cell-shaded and spiffy, courtesy of IndigoAngelCat.

Bob's Proposal Nifty fanart from Janae! ^_^ They're just so cute together...

Gift Testers Birthday tribute from Chaos. Y'know, I never did get that flamethrower back from Lita...

Ferdia (Lina) | Ferdie (Gourry) | Ivan (Xellos) | Squeaks (Zelgadis) | Iiwi (Amelia) | Bobetta (Martina) | Bob (Zangulus) | Beak (Gourry) | Lita (Filia) | D'Gal (Valgaav) |
The cast, as they appear in Death's fic "Try Again". Ferdie trying to figure out why the sword won't work, Ferdia about to fireball someone, the Sign Holder's genki Xellos grin....even Bobetta's getup, which brings to mind Martina, if she decided to audition to be a Sailor Scout ballet performance. Bob looks like he's trying for the tough Western hero, Beak's channelling Conan the Barbarian, Lita's pulling one heck of an "innocent as a newborn shrine maiden" look, and D'Gal...looks far too pleased in his role of demon-dragon villain. :D Niftyness abounds.

Feeling Kiwi? The nifty bag Innocence created. It reminds me of those "Got Milk?" ads, though Bob refuses to pose for one of those unless they change the slogan to "Got De-Coffeenated Coffee?"

Who's Nightmare Is This, Anyway?!? An ultra-nifty color comic from Death, who has some of the most warped suggestions of all Bob's fans (some good, some scary, some just plain unthinkable...). I read this and laughed hysterically for a good five minutes, until I realized I might want to start breathing again if I didn't want to pass out. A pair of kiwis take a short trip through The Kiwi Zone!

B.O.B. and his G.U.N. A super-spiffy comic by Innocence. Bob's bossnasity is challenged by a stickler-for-accuracy kiwi, and he responds accordingly. Beware the small yellow kiwis. (Kudos to those that remember the Sega Genesis game stolen for the title!)

Business Partners The Evil Sir Ivan Kiwi introduces his new associate to his wards, with mixed results. Normally, I'd bet on Bun-bun (of Sluggy Freelance) in a fight - but then, Lita's been trained by D'Gal....Well, someone's gonna limp outta this, that's for sure. Kudos for Chaos for sending me this and sucking me into the Sluggy fandom.

Kiwi Quest Screen Shot! | Bob's got a Sword! | Bob & Iiwi - End Game Screen
Yes folks, Bob Kiwi stars in Blue Thunder's video game, Kiwi Quest! In it, Bob must boot, stab, and hack his way out of a series of evil, Ivan-Clone-infested dungeons! You heard me - those minions of evil in the screen shot are Ivan Clones! Look carefully, you'll see it! And while you never see her in the dungeons, Iiwi evidently accompanies Bob in this quest, as she snags most of the End-Game Victory Screen! I LOVE THIS!!!

Bob by a Mountain Stream | Iiwi in Flight | Iiwi - Picasso-style
Iiwi, rendered by Plague in a Picasso-esque style. If you don't immediately see the likeness, stand at 2-3 feet away from the image and tilt your head all the way to the left. Her eye is right below the light pink dot, looking up (in the direction of the dot); her beak & bangs are to the left, her wings tiny but outspread above her head, and her tail curved in an arc, like she's diving.

Bob - Front  / Bob - Side / Bob - Perspective / Bob - Cowering
Four shots of a fabulous 3D computer-generated model of everyone's favorite Kiwi.

- Jennies

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