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New Stuff: 2007's Christmas Present: the comic short "Occupational Hazard" is up!

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Coming Attractions! For those of you who go to the movies just to watch the previews, here's a handful of blurbs on the latest Kiwi plots I'm working on. Harrass me long enough, and they might even get done.

The Comic Challenge! Oh, no! A bunch of Bob Kiwi comics have lost their dialogue! It's up to the fans to save these scenes from silent movie infamy while Jennies searches for the original audio tracks.

MadLibs! The classic game of zany story-making, with a Bob Kiwi twist! Just fill in the blanks with the words of your choosing, then read the quirkiest Bob Kiwi stories yet!

Villains Personality Test Ever wonder which series villain you think like most? Here's your chance to find out!

Of Mice and Meetings. The minutes from my meetings with Bob Kiwi & Co. THIS is why my plots are so wacked-out, scattered, or left half-finished for large periods of time. Just short bits of fluff to stave off you raging hordes of why-haven't-you-updated lunatics.

Personality Quirks. Jennies drags the crew into taking a random personality survey. Kind of like Twenty Questions, only scarier. Boredom is a dangerous thing...

Put the Pen Down and Back Away Slowly... Everyone does one of these at some point. Jennies is no exception. A MSTing of the infamous Mary Sue Litmus Test.

Everything I Need to Know, I Learned from Anime Except, evidently, how to come up with a snazzy MSTing title. Ah, well.

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Bob Kiwi: Buccaneer Bob & Company are out for a cruise when they're attacked by pirates! The group is captured, Bob loses his memory, and chaos ensues!

A Day in the Life of Ferdie A glimpse at the daily routine of our resident parapsychologist.

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Bob Kiwi: Private Eye Someone has killed Bobetta's butler, Rhett. Investigating the crime, our heroes soon discover they've stumbled onto something much more dangerous than any of them imagined, as the usual suspects start dropping off one by one...

Car 54, Where Are You? Ever wonder how Ferdia and Squeaks got partnered together? What a day in their lives is like? Read on, find out.

A Collaborative Effort It's the ultimate of cross-juristictional chaos as the crew find themselves with no choice but to work alongside the mysterious youths of the Hawthorne Agency after the agent's resident genius inventor Joe - and his identical cousin Newt - disappear under suspicious circumstances. Trouble is, neither side trusts the other!

Debt of Honor There are elements at work in this series that are seldom felt until they suddenly rise up to the surface, confuse the heck out of people, and dive back down. This comic brought to you by Manic Boredom and the Sledgehammer of Subtlety (tm).

Foo-Foo Fighters. Bob Kiwi & Co. act out a version of Little Bunny Foo-Foo. There are those of you out there that did not believe I was going to do this. Stand up and be corrected.

Kiwis in Space The empress of espionage, Galaxia Kiwi, has stolen a valuable doohicky from SpaceFleet and is trying to get it to her employers. But when she stops at a local planet & hires a few pirates for a diversion, her pursuers stumble across someone they'd thought long dead....

Midnight in the Garden of Cute and Evil Bobetta has invited Bob and friends up for a weekend at her dear departed great-uncle's estate, since it's ever so much more fun to admire your inheritance in front of others. Surrounded by miles of pristine mountain wilderness, the estate is infinitely impressive. Gardens, forests, fountains, a palacial mansion - this place has everything. Including a dark, dangerous secret...

Once Upon a Midnight Dreary A short quasi-mystery fic, set before-kiwi and pounded out in an attempt to cure writer's block. Everyone's favorite coward (Ferdie) and Squeaks investigate some unexplained happenings late one night. Is the da Birdie residence haunted?

Open Season The Invisible Ducks return to Earth to learn what became of D'Gal in the aftermath of Kiwis in Space. Pinpointing the downed yacht's location, Drake infiltrates the city - and that's when things start to go wrong. D'Gal's alive, Drake's missing, and the ship's computer is knocked out by a malicious bit of code. Left with no other alternatives, Mallard sends away teams to the surface. After all, how difficult can it be to find two ducks in New York City?

A Scythe in Time A freak accident at Newt's lab sends our heroes (and some of their nemeses) to lands unknown, with naught but a shaky truce, a self-taught wizard, and a royal twist of fate standing between them and raging barbarian hordes. One things sure, though - here there be monsters!

The Search For Cuteness A new gizmo of Newt's alerts an alien race in need to Beak's presence. Quick to help, our heros soon find themselves at the mercy of the Java Empire! (Oh, yes, and everyone's favorite Invisible Duck drops by San Viano to visit.)

Secrets Galaxia Kiwi chats up the reader in this rather short monologue. A handful of character insights and revelations, but mostly an anti-writer's-block fic.

The Good, the Bad, and the Chibi Celestial Boredom triggers an adventure unlike any other, as our heroes are reverted to grade-schoolers! A short and lighthearted banter fic.

The Wayward Adventurer Alright, Lita fanatics, here you go - a piece told entirely by Lita. Essentially a recap on her life to date. Hints at storylines to be developed at a later date, but essentially just another one-shot, anti-writer's-block fic.

Twelve Hours Another pointless bit of Lita-centric drivel. One day my creativity demons decided to play hooky, and roped Lita into babysitting a cameraman so it looked like the demons were pulling their weight. Or maybe it's just character development.

You Didn't Hear It From Me The Evil Sir Ivan Kiwi finds himself obliged to relate his life story. The abridged version, of course.

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Occupational Hazard Fun with holiday decorations at the 42nd Precinct.

The Taxman Cometh Quite possibly the only time anyone's ever attempted to audit Ivan.

Bob Kiwi & Co. at MacWorld Expo A collection of short comics and random images of Bob Kiwi & friends and Macintosh computers at the annual Mac Expo. (An Apple a day, keeps Windows away...)

The Phantom Menace: Waiting in Line to See Star Wars Just a short comic about the mile-long lines for Ep. I and how Bob Kiwi & Co. dealt with them.

Allergy Season A short one-pager with a villain, a jar of Benadryl, and a bit too much lighter fluid. Very little plot and no catchy title, but it's funny.

Bluster Iiwi lets us in on the truth behind one of the more interesting quirks of birds - flying backwards. Currently located on tripod b/c Geostupids is having problems uploading.

Cape Fearsome Danger Kiwi is called upon to save the innocent - or is he? Just a quick snippet that took *much* too long to get up here.

Custom Tags Beak receives a message from the Great BaNAna in a Mal-Wart, but isn't sure why.

Kiwi Tech Support A short one-page comic featuring Bob Kiwi & Co. hard at work as computer technicians. (Evidently Ferdia and Squeaks are moonlighting this and policework.) It's short, and it's got a heat-packin' keyboard.

The 42nd Olympiad Quick comic comparison between the daily lives of everyone's favorite detectives and Olympic sports. The result of 12 hours of continuous Cell Biology cramming. (I will NEVER do that again...)

Twelve Days The cast hams it up in a comic take-off on the Twelve Days of Christmas. Happy Holidays!

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The Vault (Version 1.0) An archive of old kiwi (and even older Ferdie) comics. Enter, if you dare.

The Ecology of Kiwis. Everything you never knew about kiwis or were afraid to ask. Bob isn't mentioned, but it's still interesting. Did you know kiwis have poisoned toenails?

In-Joke List A compilation of some of this series' more interesting or obvious in-jokes, and their explantations.

- Jennies

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