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Supporting Cast
Bob Kiwi - aka Danger Kiwi!! Bob Kiwi. A rare yellow kiwi that enjoys adventures, Bob is the leader of the Bob Kiwi Detective Agency. Aka Danger Kiwi, Agent Double-0-Zero, International Kiwi of mystery, Bob is often called upon to travel the globe in pursuit of dastardly villains and a decent cup of coffee. Fortunately for him, Bob has a vast network of friends and allies to help him in his quest. More Info
Beak the Jedi Beak is a young, combative Magi that joined up with Bob Kiwi & Co. when they crash-landed on his planet. While his skills - and his attitude - still need a bit of fine-tuning, this BaNAna-worshipping kiwi has managed to elude the evil Emperor's clutches for years, and has more than a few tricks - not to mention a lightsaber! - up his sleeve. Beak currently works at the Bananarama fast food joint. More Info
Iiwi Redbird Iiwi Redbird, an iiwi. Iiwi hails from Hawaii, but don't expect to see her in Hawaiian shirts or chirping "Aloha." Past shrouded in mystery, Iiwi is a bounty-hunting, world-traveling freelance detective that dabbles in a little bit of everything - even, rumor has it, some dealings that have earned her recognition in some of the globe's "shadier" districts. More Info
Squeaks Arcadia Squeaks Arcadia was the captain of a starship, until he landed at Roswell and tried to ask Ferdie for directions to the nearest starbase. Stranded on-planet, Squeaks now serves in local law enforcement as a highly-skilled detective and Ferdia's partner. As such, he can often be found aiding Bob and Ferdie. More Info
Iiwi Redbird Ferdia Birdie, Ferdie's big sis, a detective of San Viano's 42nd Precinct. Her tactics have earned her a reputation as a maverick, but she's found in Squeaks a partner that can match her energy and drive. Jokes of their driving skills aside, they are one of the most effective teams on the force. Which is probably why the wrecked cars and vast architectural damages are usually overlooked... More Info
Ferdie da Birdie Ferdie da Birdie, a mountain bluebird with a tendency to panic first, then think. When he's calm, however, he's actually almost useful to the detective agency he claims membership to. And, on occasion, his initial impressions have some valuable merit. Since encountering Squeaks' startship years ago, Ferdie has made a point of becoming an expert in all this supernatural and paranormal. More Info
The Evil Sir Ivan Kiwi The Evil Sir Ivan Kiwi. An intelligent gray kiwi, Ivan heads the San Viano mafia. Bob's nemesis, he is often, but not always, the one behind devious happenings. However, should their interests overlap, Ivan will join forces with Bob and the detectives, and has often aided them in their adventures - when it suits him. More Info

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