The Phantom Menace: Waiting in Line for Star Wars


Yes, Jennies saw Episode I opening day. No, I did not drag Bob Kiwi with me. I dragged my then-roommate (Hi Althea!!!), although perhaps 'dragged' is too strong a word, as we were just supposed to be packing up to abandon the dorm the next day. We stood in line for about an hour. While we were in line, we saw Darth Maul and about a dozen Jedi, and I almost felt guilty - I was one of maybe 5 people in the mob not wearing Star Wars memorabilia of some sort.

But, I digress. While I was waiting in line and watching a Jedi Knight instruct a young Padawan learner (too much Star Wars, Jennies...) on how to properly use a lightsaber - fascinating to watch, since he was a real swordsman/fencer, this comic idea just kinda hit me. (An idle mind is a dangerous thing, especially if it belongs to a college student about to go on break...)

So, here you go - a quickly done comic on Bob Kiwi & Co. waiting to get into Star Wars. The file is kinda big (254K). Sorry for the inconvenience. When screen grabs become more readily available, I'm thinking of doing a Kiwi version of Mystery Science Theater 3000 oon it. Ideas, anyone? Talk to me, people. And yes, that is Beak dressed up as a Jedi.

- Jennies


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