Bob Kiwi and Company: In-Jokes List

Ah, yes, Bob Kiwi's comics, like so many others, are full of in-jokes. Some are strictly between Bob's creators and co-authors, others are suggestions from fans, and many arise from the Jennies staying up on the internet waaaaaaaaaay too late at college. But they're all funny in their own way.
Comic/Character In-Joke Explanation
Foo-Foo Fighters (Title) If you haven't figured it out yet, I tend to name Bob's Comics in such a way as to parody a well-known phrase / show / book /etc. Evidently this particular title was harder to place. It was meant to be a play on "Foo Fighters" - which, though it is also the name of a band, was the term WWII pilots used to describe unknown and unexplained fireballs they spotted amongst the clouds while in flight.
Bob & Co's Halloween Card Mr. K
(Mr. T)
All hail the Flaming Biscuits of Mr. T!!!....Uh, Greg's CMST camp group's name. It's a long story, which I will share with you as soon as da Kiwis send me a written transcript of just how that name came to be. At any rate, Beak makes an impressive Mr. T, don't you think?
Bob & Co's Halloween Card The Pickler Okay, since at this rate the comic version of Private Eye should be finished shortly after a very warm place freezes over (not that I've abondoned it), I'll explain this. The Pickler came about one gherkin-obsessed night when we were was watching Batman Forever. Yes, we were rooting for the Riddler. We then began joking that he was the Pickler and Gerkin Girl was his nemesis. For some reason I drew a picture of a mouse in a green pickle-print shirt like the riddler's. (And another in a batgirl-styled getup.) And thus the Pickler became a reality. And when I years later asked Bob what he wanted to be for Halloween, he said he wanted to go as the Pickler. (Who actually has a walk-on role in Private Eye, which you'd see if I just drew more of the dang thing...)
Bob Kiwi & Co. at the Mac Expo Squeaks and the Revolving Door Ah yes, in the macexpo.jpg pic, Squeaks has caught his tail in the revolving door. (After all, spaceships don't have entrances anywhere near as odd as that spinning door...) Greg, Bob's chief bodyguard, hates cities, and we all joke about him being a Country Mouse (as opposed to the City Mouse in the fable). And above all, he hates revolving doors, primarily 'cause he gets stuck in them or caught on part of them, so we take the analogy one step farther and joke that the Country Mouse hates revolving doors because he gets his tail stuck in them. Squeaks may not hate cities as much, but he's a mouse and he's had no experience with revolving doors, so I couldn't help throwing that in.
Holiday Greeting Card (1998) Ivan's sled On the card, the Evil Sir Ivan Kiwi is holding a sled named "Rosebud". This is a nod at the movie Citizen Kane. For those of you who have not been subjected to this classic, it's about a boy taken from the slums of the Great Depression by a wealthy family. He builds a business empire and becomes fabulously rich and famous, but dies calling for "Rosebud." Reporters searching for an explanation behind this utterance interview many whose lives he touched, but never uncover the meaning behind it. At the very end, we find that "Rosebud" is the sled he loved as a boy. Lost in the labyrinth of the old man's warehouses, this treasured possesion is burned before its significance is uncovered. SO WHAT --- Well, so many people have done parodies of this I just felt like throwing it in. And Ivan seemed the natural choice since so little of his past is known.
Bob Kiwi: Private Eye Bobetta's Butler Bobetta's bulter's name is (was) Rhett Butler. Spelling aside, this was the name of Gone With the Wind's heartthrob. (Not that I've seen this classic.) I just felt like throwing it in to see who'd catch it.
Ferdie da Birdie Ferdie's Meatloaf Phobia Didn't think this was an in-joke, didja? Ferdie's phobia of meatloaf (and his mother's obsession with feeding him it) stems from the Jennies' experience with her own mother and meatloaf. No offense, I just don't like it, and it's Mom's favorite, so she made it a lot....and I would always try to get out of eating it.

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