In an effort to bring some interactive stuff to Bob Kiwi & Company, Jennies has delved deep into the bowels of JavaScript to bring you - MadLibs! That's right, that wacky zany grammar game from your childhood roadtrips is back, and - thanks to the wonders of the Internet - not only can these MadLibs be reused indefinitely, saving you from endless hours of boredom at work, but they can easily be shared with Jennies, who will post the cream of the crop for all Kiwidom to behold! Oh, Joy! :D

I've tried to stay as true to the original MadLib format as possible, though most of these are bit longer than traditional MadLibs. I no longer have any of my MadLibs books (refugees from the 80s that were, alas, set adrift in the seas of time long ago...), but if anyone out there still has theirs, and happens to spot one that would work particularly well with the Bob Kiwi crowd (or if you happen to dream one up yourself), by all means - send it to me! I want there to be as many of these things as possible!

For now, the MadLibs have only been tested on Safari and Internet Explorer 5.0 and up. So if you're using another browser, please please please let me know how the MadLibs are working! They require basic JavaScript to run, so if you've turned JavaScript off in your browser, you might want to switch it back on. Also, at least for now, your finished MadLib will appear in a new 'pop-up' window. I'm not entirely certain what browsers using pop-up blockers will make of this. (Safari does just fine, but it's the only one with blockers that I've tried.) Again, if you're using a pop-up blocker and find you can't view the MadLibs, let me know.

Feel free to email me with MadLibs/comments/questions/etc.


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