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Welcome to the Vault - the dusty corner where all the *really* old comics and Kiwi-related paraphernilia are stored. I'd like to take this moment to warn you that you should run away screaming instead of browsing through here (because that's what you'll wind up doing anyway...). But, if you're masochistic, or just too dang curious for your own good, poke around a bit.


Title: Ferdie da Birdie Presents: Squeaks' Kiwi Friends
Points of Merit: The Infamous First Kiwi Comic - the first time ANY of the Kiwi clan found themselves in print.
Author's Comments: Basically, it's a parade of Phantom-like kiwis that rapidly devolves into a character line-up. I *was* right, though - Ivan does have a Sign Holder (upper right corner). Also note Squeaks' green tint and the fact that I hadn't decided whether or not the mouse's name would be 'Squeak' or 'Squeaks'. Here's hoping you can read my chicken-scratch, b/c I'm not typing up a transcript.

Title: Ferdie da Birdie Presents: A 21-Gun Salute to Kiwis!
Points of Merit: The Second Kiwi Comic - behold the Batman in-joke!
Author's Comments: I numbered the mini-segments, so hopefully you can follow them (it's more difficult than it should be - too much Manga influence). It's chicken-scrawled and incoherent, but Ivan got his beak Duct-taped shut at the end!

Title: Ferdie da Birdie Presents: Bob Kiwi's Music Video!
Points of Merit: The Third Kiwi Comic - and the infamous Music Video comic.
Author's Comments: This was rather funny several years ago, and I used a lot of the kiwi pics in this to create the first Kiwi T-Shirt (which has been lost, dammit). I like how Squeaks is non-chalantly leaning on the 'The End' bubble. (Oh yes, and the only thing of merit in that lower-right squabble is the arguement - Ferdie's demanding Ferdia pay for the damage to the ambulance, and Squeaks is pointing out that Ferdie's the one at fault for backing into *their* ambulance. Sort of an unintentional hint of things to come, now that I think about it...)

Title: Ferdie da Birdie Presents: Walters Grosses Problem (Walter's Big Problem)
Points of Merit: It's from 1994 and it's in German
Author's Comments: The first of two comics done in German class for a grade. It translates easily enough, but for those of you that don't Sprechen Sie Deutsch, I've provided a translation. Basically, Walter the Sparrow has a problem - he needs to fly South, but he doesn't know how to fly! Ferdie does his best to teach him (although he never could fly all that well himself, even back then.)

Title: Ferdie da Birdie Presents: Es Ist zum Verrucktwerden (It'll Drive You Crazy)
Points of Merit: It's from 1995, it's in German, and it's the first time Ferdia officially pummeled Ferdie.
Author's Comments: The second of two comics done in German class for a grade. (For those of you that don't Sprechen Sie Deutsch, I've provided a translation.) Ferdie takes Ferdia, posing as Ferdie's friend, to a variety of restaurants. (Hey, don't look at me - the topic was dictated by the assignment.) Heh. I'd forgotten about Ferdia's aversion to frogs. Hey, I've forgotten what exactly the title translates to, so feel free to correct me there.

Title: Ferdie da Birdie Presents: Real Life High School
Points of Merit: The exploding Chemistry Lab
Author's Comments: (Handwriting translation) A 1994 and '95 (Part 2) attempt at catching the insanity of high school on paper. All panels based on actual events (now that Plague has related to me her story of how her classmates really *did* blow up a Chem lab).

Title: Ferdie da Birdie Presents: Mortal Kombat Part 1 | Part 2
Points of Merit: Recently inked, so it should be legible
Author's Comments: Originally drawn in 1995 or so (the year Mortal Kombat 2 hit arcades), I only recently unearthed and inked this. I've stayed true to the original character style and dialogue. First appearance of Bink in a comic, as well as Ferdia's crime-fighting alter-ego, the Masked Avenger (or something cheesy like that).

Title: Ferdie da Birdie Presents: Sega Slip-Up Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3
Points of Merit: Sonic and Tails guest-star
Author's Comments: Originally drawn in 1995 or so (the year the Sonic Cartoons first aired). Thinking back on this comic, I realise I never thought I'd show this to anyone other than my younger brothers, who worshipped the Blue Blur. I'm certain if I took the time now to think about the amount of people that could find and view it on the Internet, I wouldn't post it at all. But then, what kind of historical archive would this be then?

Title: Ferdie da Birdie Presents: Squeaks the Alien
Points of Merit: First appearance of Squeaks. Also features a bonus 4-panel comic short ('The Car')
Author's Comments: Circa 1996, based soley on the fact that the car featured in the short was the del sol that later became my own. At any rate, the main comic gives you an idea of Squeaks' original character (green-tinted and somewhat mean-spirited). It's fascinating to see how much the mouse has changed over the years. I don't think I'd like his original self much if I met him now...

Well, that's enough for now. The rest'll have to wait until I find where I buried them. Later!

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